Do you ever get frustrated that your client won’t… 

-share all of their information? 

-pay a renewal fee? 

-come in for their meetings? 


So often, your client is a reflection of you.  They are reflecting back to you your own lack of conviction and belief.   


I hear advisors say things like, “Potential clients don’t want to share all of their information with me.  At least not in the first meeting.”   


Well, here is the thing, my potential clients do.  I ask them for statements and they hand them over.  I ask them for balances and they tell me.  I NEVER run into the issue where someone doesn’t want to share all of their information with me.  NEVER. 


The reason is that I have absolute conviction that I cannot do my job without a complete picture of their financial life.  It would be absurd.  Potential clients feel that and tell me what I need to know. 


If we deep dive into that advisor’s perception of the world, THEY would not feel comfortable sharing that information, so they expect their potential clients to feel that way.    


Are you having trouble getting clients to pay a renewal fee for planning?  


The first thing I will ask you is do you personally believe with 100% conviction that you delivered on the promises you made initially?  Do you believe that the client received value from you?  Do you believe you are worth it? 


In the initial meeting when you were describing your fees, did you mumble through the renewal process?  Did you give them an out like…if you decide to continue working with us?   


It isn’t always your words, it is often your way of being.  


Do your clients blow off meetings and do you have to hound them to come in? 


I would ask you if you are truly delivering distinct value at each meeting?  Are you doing the same old review at every meeting.  Once again, do you KNOW that it is important for the clients to actually attend each meeting and are you communicating that to the client? 


There are so many ways that clients can “misbehave”. If you are seeing a trend among your clients, YOU might be the problem.  


Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. You just have to be willing to do some mindset work and learn to communicate your conviction more clearly.  


Managing Your Mindset 

  1. Get clear on the problem you are facing. What are THEY doing? 
  2. Explore your own feelings on the subject.  How do you REALLY feel? 
  3. Deliberately reprogram your thinking.  How should I THINK about this? 
  4. Practice delivering the message.  What can I say to express my CONVICTION? 
  5. Take action until it is second nature.  Who can you SHARE your new story with? 


Let’s imagine you are having trouble getting hired for a fee.  

  1. Potential clients are saying no because it’s too expensive.  
  2. In truth you wouldn’t pay a fee, you don’t actually pay anyone to help you in other areas. 
  3. Look for areas where you can outsource and see what value it adds to your life.  Talk with current clients about the value they receive from what you do.   
  4. Practice your High-Value Offer with friends or staff until you can deliver it with true conviction. 
  5. Get yourself in front of some clients who could upgrade to planning and practice telling the story…until one says yes! 


It is so easy to look at the other person and blame them for what isn’t going right.  You can blame the potential client for not seeing the value or the client for not engaging in the process. 


More often than not, we are the ones to blame.  We need to explore our mindset, nail our own conviction and show up more confidently.  Once we do that, it is amazing how people get in line and start doing the right thing consistently!  


With Purpose,




Struggling with your own High-Value Offer?  In this Intentional Insider Blog I walk you through how to make it really easy for them to hire you! 




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