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The Intentional Advisor was founded to help you build your practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE.  

It has been said that the most successful businesses are the ones that people have been hounding you to start.  For years my advisor colleagues have been commenting on the processes that I use in my practice and wishing they could hire me to build it for them.  Finally, in early 2016, I founded The Intentional Advisor to help financial advisors build smarter businesses that have a positive impact in the world.  

I have now worked with practices of all sizes throughout the country via one on one consulting and group training.  It became apparent in 2017 that I was reaching my maximum capacity for consulting clients and if I wanted to make a bigger impact on our industry, I was going to need to scale.  The Intentional Advisor Online Course Series was born.  These courses will allow advisors at all stages in their practice to access The Intentional Advisor EXPERIENCE at a very accessible price point.  



I grew up with a widowed mother who did an amazing job with the resources she had, but many, maybe all of our decisions were influenced by financial insecurity.  I have made it my life's mission to help other human beings live with less fear in their lives.  This mission has been a primary driver for many of my business decisions. 

In 2004, I turned down law school and chose to become a financial advisor because I felt I could make a more meaningful impact by helping people make better financial decisions and create more security  for themselves.   

As many of us do, I realized that I had a desire to help, but I needed more knowledge to back up my good intentions.  I became a CFP® practitioner in 2008 and received my ChFC in the same year.  


I have always been driven to make a difference and to do the right thing for my clients.  In 2012, I came to the realization that the only way I could feel like a true client advocate was to start my own independent practice.  LOTUS Financial Partners has now grown to a 3 advisor, 8 person team.  We are an advice-based practice located in Denver,CO.  We work with clients of all types, but we are uniquely equipped and passionate about working with women: single, divorced and widowed.  



I personally feel that every business should have something beyond the bottom-line that they are striving to accomplish.  I call this building your practice with PURPOSE.   

In alignment with my personal mission to help people live with less fear in their lives, The Intentional Advisor is partnering with financial literacy non-profits to overcome financial insecurity through education.  

We have committed to donating 100% of the net-proceeds of 2018 speaking engagements to financial literacy charities.   

Our preferred charity is 

Funding the Future

But we are happy to partner with sponsoring organizations to support a financial literacy non-profit of their choice.  


It is my sincere desire that as The Intentional Advisor grows in reach, so does our impact in the world! 


Let us know if you would like to team up with The Intentional Advisor for an upcoming event. 

Financial Literacy Organizations Supported

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