We are committed to making The Intentional Advisor EXPERIENCE available to financial advisors at every stage of their practice.  To that end, all of the core material that we use in our 1:1 consulting is being turned into a series of courses.


These courses will provide you with everything you need to build your practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE and to deliver high-value, client-centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE to your clients.   These courses were recorded live and include both the training videos and all of the supplementary materials that consulting clients receive at a much lower price point.  





The Discovery Experience Online Course will teach you how to deliver an emotionally engaging initial experience that will allow you to build deeper connections with potential clients and get hired in the first meeting.   You will receive all of the tools and training to guide your potential clients through a high-value process to explore their fears, values, goals and resources.   


If you are ready to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and bring more meaning to your work, click the button below to learn more about The Discovery Experience Online Course.  

Delivering on the



The Delivering on the Promise Online Course is for the advisors who are committed to delivering a high-value, client centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE.  This course will give you all of the tools to build your initial and annual client service model for your ideal client.  It will also walk you through the process of building segmented client service models to serve every level of client in your practice.   


If you are serious about the commitment you make when you accept a new planning client, this course is for you.  You will see all of the components of The Intentional Advisor client service models and then be given all of the tools to build your own customized version.  


The Financial Life Organizer is a tool that will not only add value to your practice, it will provide your clients with a snapshot of their financial life and allow them the peace of mind that comes with that level of organization. By implementing the FLO in your practice, your clients will not only have the ability to bring their financial summary with them to every meeting, they will also have this resource for their beneficiaries should the unthinkable happen.


Through this self-paced online training, you will receive everything you need to fully implement the Financial Life Organizer process and start delivering tangible value to your clients right away!


Financial Life

Building the



The Building the Machine Online Course is about building an actual business.  Intentional Advisors want to not only change the world through their work, but also want to run smart businesses.  In this course you will learn how to utilize processes to make your practice run like a well-oiled machine.  Running a practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE is actually easy to do when you have the tools you need to automate processes within your practice.  


We want every advisor who takes our courses to get maximum value and be prepared to implement immediately.  Because of that, only advisors who have taken Delivering on the Promise Online Course will be invited to take this course.  

Coming 2019


for the

Intentional Advisor


The Branding for The Intentional Advisor Online Course is a collaboration with Catherine Tidd and Social Seed Marketing.  Lucila and Catherine will combine forces to show you how to build a stand out brand built around your ideal client and your purpose.  


Intentional Advisors don't need to chase clients; they attract them by creating a brand that shows the world who they are.  Learn to coordinate your website, social media and in-person marketing efforts to create one cohesive and memorable brand.  

Coming 2019

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"I highly recommend The Discovery EXPERIENCE to anyone looking for a very effective and simple process."

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