The best keynotes, workshops and virtual trainings aren't canned presentations, they are intentionally designed to serve the needs of your audience. Tell us what your advisors are struggling with and we can custom tailor a training to meet the challenge.


Presentations can be delivered in-person or virtually.  In-person events start at $5,000 plus travel. 


Being great a great advisor is no longer enough.  The modern client wants to work with companies that deliver both value and impact. Through our practice assessment, advisors can determine if they are delivering a high-value, client-centric, comprehensive Advice-based Financial Planning experience that will appeal to the modern client. 


Advisors struggle to quantify the value of their advice.  By answering four key questions, advisors can build a client service model and fee structure that will be a perfect fit for their ideal clients and deliver fully on the promise of Advice-based Financial Planning. 


Many advisors aspire to be real business owners, but lack the confidence and clarity to get there. If advisors are willing to make the investment of time and money to develop their own planning process and brand they can gain the confidence to take the leap from producer to true business owner.


These presentations make great virtual trainings or breakouts. Virtual events start at $1,500. 

So, you got hired for advice, but then the client didn't follow through on any of your recommendations.  If you have ever had a planning client resist your recommendations or go MIA after the planning process, this training is for you.

 In this training I discuss:

  • The 3 most common mistakes advisors make that get in the way of implementation.
  • The role of your philosophies in the planning process.  What are they and how do you use them?
  • The 5-step recommendation process you can use at every implementation meeting.

We do work that has the potential to change a lives and impact the trajectory of a family for generations…but we can only have the impact we desire if we can move people to action and keep them from making catastrophic decisions. 

Success or failure as an Advice-based Advisor is driven by not only by your skill as a financial planner, but also and maybe even primarily by your ability to be an effective behavioral coach.

 But HOW do you do that?  In this  training, I address:

  • How to lay the foundation for a productive coaching relationship,
  • What to do when your clients are about to go off the rails,
  • And how to recognize when it's time to step away.

2020 hasn't been an easy year to be a leader in our industry or anywhere for that matter.  We have been forced to make tough decisions on what we will do, what we will say and what we will stand for more than ever before. 

Without a framework to follow, it can be really challenging to make consistently good and aligned decisions in our businesses.

As Roy Disney said, "When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier."

In this training, I give you simple process for outlining and defining your core business values. 

Do you ever struggle with feeling like you are at the center of your business and if you don't DO IT ALL, the whole thing will come tumbling down?

Do you wish for a day when you could focus your attention on the work that you enjoy doing that is the most impactful for the client?  Does that sound like you?

In this training, I cover the five tools you need to collaborate with your team and get them proactively working on your behalf.  We will also break down the three phases in the client meeting cycle and how your team can do the majority of that work for you!

Many advisors struggle with exactly HOW to convert the book they have to now to the Advice-based Planning Practice that they want.

In this training, I show you how to tackle the transition of your own practice to an Advice-based Planning machine!

I share my journey with you, outline a 4-step Transition Plan and deep dive into exactly what the conversion process should look like in the first 1-2 years of your transition.