Are you wondering if you should be charging a fee for your financial planning advice? You’re not alone. In this blog, we’ll take a look at that question and whether you’re a financial planner…or a salesperson. 


Let's face it. People just don't value what they don't pay for. And if your clients don't value what you do, they won't follow through. 


We are in the business of getting people to spend less, save more and make smart choices with their money.  If they don't value our advice because it is FREE then they are significantly less likely to implement those beautiful financial plans we create for them.  Not charging them literally hurts their chances of success! 


Is free REALLY free? 


The truth is that there are huge strings attached to that FREE financial planning.  The true statement, is "it is free if you buy something from me." But that's not always clear upfront. 


Here's an example:


An advisor was trying to tell me that he didn't need to charge fees to be an objective, independent planner. So I asked him, "If a client has $1M invested with you would you do his financial planning?" 


"Certainly!" he said. 


"What if he decided to buy an apartment building as an investment and he took all that money out of the account," I asked. "Would he still be your client? Would you still be his advisor?" 


"No, of course not," he replied. 


I explained to him that if that is the case than the relationship is dependent on the sale of a product, in this case an investment product, and he was not independent or objective. 


He is a salesperson.  


Let's be honest 


You might have good intentions, trying to do the right thing, but if the client relationship is contingent on buying any product, you are still a salesperson. 


By charging fees you are being honest and working toward the best interest of your client. In the end, that is the service they will truly appreciate. 


With Purpose,




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