Something I hear pretty often from advisors is…   

"My clients won’t come in for three meetings a year, I can't even get them in for one!"   


Or the more optimistic sentiment of… 

"Our clients TRUST us so explicitly that they don't feel they need to come in for meetings." 


I especially like the second one; there is so much bravado in it. 


But here is the uncomfortable truth, your clients don't come to see you because they do not see VALUE in meeting with you. 


When I ask advisors about their annual client service model, they tend to look at me blankly and tell me they do "reviews." Then I get a long story about how some clients want four meetings and some want one and we "customize" our service to meet their needs. 


Nope. That is not a service model. 


What is a "review"? 

▪️A review is passive…"We will check in with you to see if you need anything" 

▪️A review is historic…"We will look at what we have done in the past and review it with you." 

▪️At worst, a review is opportunistic…"We will see if we can sell you something new" (OK, in truth no advisor would ever say that, but it is totally true!) 


Friends, our clients can read their statements themselves! And how many of you are going to change your client's portfolio based on those fabulous market updates you provide!? I would wager almost none of you are. 


OK, so I think I have established that in my humble opinion, reviews do not qualify as a client service model. So what does? 


A true client service model takes a comprehensive list of planning deliverables, breaks them up into distinct agendas and delivers them throughout the year. 


Your initial client service model determines what the client needs to do to get their plan on track and your annual client service model keeps them there perpetually. 


A Client Service Model: 


  • Is proactive…"We will reach out to you to schedule meetings at regular intervals with specific important agendas." 
  • Is forward looking…"We will help you see what has changed in your plan and help you stay on track over time" 
  • Provides ongoing value…"Not only will we verify that everything we have done is still on track, but we will bring new ideas and perspective to you over time." 


A true client service model delivers consistent value and is the key to client engagement. 


If you are not delivering consistent value, then client engagement is driven primarily on your popularity. Clients want to hang out with you because they like you. That's fine, but it won’t monetize very well when it come time to sell your practice…just sayin'! 


With Purpose,




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