I was trading emails with a long-time advisor friend of mine about purpose, specifically his purpose.   He, like many advisors, is feeling a little unsatisfied in his work.  He knows he needs to find his purpose, his WHY, but is struggling to nail it down.  


This fellow is a highly-disciplinedhighly-intelligent person.  When he finds his purpose, I know that he will “move out” with purpose. But right now, he is struggling to find direction.  FYI “move out” is a reference to our shared military background.  😉 


I was writing him an email and mid-sentence I realized that this need to be a blog.   I know for sure that my friend is not alone in his struggle with purpose.   


If you too are struggling with your deeper purpose in your work/life, let me ask you this… 


What ticks you off!? 

-in life? 

-in your work? 

-in politics? 


What topic or area in life gets your blood boiling?  Maybe there are several.  Write em down.  


I will give you a few to get the ideas flowing.  Are you passionate about issues related to… 


-The environment? 

-Hungry kids? 

-Financial literacy? 

-Animal welfare? 

-Access to clean water? 

-Women’s rights? 


These are just a few to get you thinking.  I encourage you to think broadly and write down several. 


Now that you have a list of things that matter to you, ask yourself what you could do to move the dial, even just a little, in each of these areas.   Just brainstorm.  


Might you… 

-Raise money 


-Raise awareness 

-Rally supporters 

What else? 


Now look at that list and ask yourself, “What actions on this list excite me?”  What work would I love to do?  What areas do you have specific expertise that could really make a difference? 


In the intersection of those answers lies the seed of YOUR purpose. 




I have personally done work supporting many different causes over the years, all worthy.  But for me there are just two areas that fully resonate with me. 


I am deeply passionate about supporting women through the financial planning process.  I believe there is a huge need for education and support, especially for women who have experienced a life transition.   I personally have life experience that makes me uniquely qualified to do that work.  That is the purpose I have built into my practice, LOTUS Financial Partners.  


I am also pretty disappointed in our industry.  I believe it is full of conflicted advice and advisors who are salespeople first and advocates second.  I started The Intentional Advisor to help financial advisors build advice-based, purpose-driven practices that are aligned with their client’s interests.  I personally built this kind of practice and am passionate about practice management.  I have first-hand experience that qualifies me to coach other advisors on their journey and I love it! 


My purpose(s) are a reflection of my strengths, my passions, my personal experiences.  They may not be groundbreaking to a anyone else, but I know for sure that if I make an impact in these two areas, I will have lived a meaningful life.  


I think that is all there is!  Purpose is not any more complicated than that.  It doesn’t get divinely assigned.  It is about passion and action. 


So, let me ask you again, WHAT TICKS YOU OFF!? 


With Purpose,






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