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The world has come to a grinding halt and you have come to the realization that 100 calls a week to your clients is not a sustainable way to communicate with them.    


You know you should finally start using the blog on your website and sharing on social media, but what should you say?   


The news cycle is moving so quickly that you can’t keep up.   

You don’t know if we have hit the bottom or how long the recession will last. 


What can you say to your clients and potential clients that will be meaningful, timely and not just add to the noise? 


The right answer isn’t found in industry white papers or cookie cutter content.  The right answer is found in you. 


Live an interesting life.  Meet people.  Read a lot and widely, learn from great writers. 

-Michael Morpurgo 


My strategy is not quite as glamorous as Michael’s quote makes it sound, but comes down to the same basic concepts.  


-LISTEN to the questions your clients are asking and the conversations you are having with them.  Very often the answer to one client’s question can serve the entire community.   


-Continue to LEARN from industry publications and thought leaders.  Pick out concepts that are new or need to be reinforced that you can share. 


-READ books from inspiring authors and share the ideas in the context of your subject.  This is where the read widely thing comes in.  Read subjects and authors that have nothing to do with financial planning and apply their ideas to what you do.  


-SHARE your own experiences whether they are just fun, quirky or informative.  Share the interesting bits of your life and let your clients see who you are. 


Here are a few examples of how you might frame each of these ideas.  


—> Last week a client asked me (X) and I thought the answer might be worth sharing.  


—> Check out this article from (Y).  The thing to keep in mind about this subject is this.  


—> (Z) author said this and it made me think of how this is true in my work with clients.  


—> Here is a picture of me and my family doing this meaningful thing.  This is why it matters to me. 


Once you begin blogging, posting, whatever you want to call it, you will begin to see things in your life differently.  Your life, your conversations, everything you read will become ideas to be developed and shared.  


You have to give yourself space to develop your voice and find your style.  If you try to be someone else, it won’t connect with your audience.   


If you are a nerd at heart, don’t try to be Tony Robbins.   

If you are buttoned-up and conservative, don’t pretend to be Wayne Dyer.  


I would recommend following other thought leaders and finding one or two whose style you really enjoy.  I wouldn’t suggest copying them, but look at how they do what they do.   


I love Brendon Burchard.  He is a very process-oriented teacher with just a touch of inspiration woven in.  His style of teaching and communicating aligns with my values and personality.  


Maybe you like Oprah (who doesn’t, really!?) or deep down you really think Michael Kitces is the man!  Follow them and look at HOW they create content.  You can emulate with style with your own content and develop your own method and approach in the process. 


Most importantly, get started.  Write that first blog.  Post that first video.  Share that first quote card on the social medias.  You will find your way and your voice in the process of creating.  And then, you will always know what to say! 


With Purpose,




PS I am no pro, I am learning right along with you.  If you want to see how I post and mix and create content, be sure to follow @TheIntentionalAdvisor and join our private group on Facebook.  



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