Let's talk about simple things we can do that will completely change our productivity as advisors because our to-do lists really won't ever go away.  We have clients and meetings and that is just the reality of it.  But there are things that we can do that will catapult our businesses forward.  Things that will improve our process, improve our brand, streamline our business.   

As financial planners, our businesses are perfect for keeping us running down rabbit holes.  Client calls, vendor calls, required trainings and CE.  There is never an end to the tasks. 


That's why The Intentional Advisor Business Journal is invaluable; and as part of the process, I've included a section call My Next Step. 


How it works. 


This is the part of my daily organizational process when I ask what next step can I take that will move my strategic goals forward? What one thing can I do today? And if I accomplish this next step, will I feel like I have moved forward in my business or personal life? 


Sometimes I use it differently. Sometimes I ask myself what I have been avoiding. What is nagging at me? What is hanging over my head? And it becomes my next step. I get a deep sense of relief and accomplishment and that helps reduce my overall anxiety. 


How it will work for YOU. 


What is your next step?  What is the next action you need to take to move your business forward?  What is the thing you need to do in order to reduce the anxiety that you are carrying around with you?  


One "next step" you might want to take is getting The Intentional Advisor Business Journal! After all, it's free and will help you with your daily and long-term goals. What more could you ask for? 


Just by signing up for the Built With Purpose newsletter or contacting me at [email protected], you'll receive your FREE printable PDF version of the journal as well as instructions on how to use it. 


But it gets better! If you encourage 5 friends to sign up for the Built With Purpose newsletter, you'll receive a FREE version of the journal in a spiral-bound hard-copy format. Just send me the first names and last initials of the friends and/or associates who registered for the newsletter and that journal will be in the mail to you! 


And remember that identifying your next step is part of building your practice with PURPOSE. 


With Purpose,




Have any questions or feedback? I'd love to hear from you at [email protected]. Also, find tips, support, and motivation at The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Facebook group!






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