If you aren't familiar with Tim Ferriss, I think he is one of the great business philosophers of our time.  And if you hang around The Intentional Advisor long, you will hear me quote him a lot. I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite quotes. 


"What we fear doing most is what we most need to do."


I talk with a lot of advisors and some of the fears that I either hear from advisors or feel from advisors are: 


  • Charging fees for financial planning 
  • Turning away non-ideal clients 
  • Handing off the business to the next generation 
  • Truly controlling their calendar 
  • Wanting to make serious money (female advisors) 
  • Hiring the team they really need 
  • Going independent 


Sometimes they don't say it out loud…they weasel.  You know, this is where they wiggle one way with an excuse, then come up with another in the other direction.  They explain how their situation is so different and how they really shouldn't do the thing they are scared of. 


I completely agree with Tim when he says, "What we fear doing most is what we most need to do.“ 


What do you fear most? 


Tell you what. I will go first. 


I am afraid of putting myself out there online. 


I know that sounds crazy, since I do a video blog, but it’s true.  It's scary to put yourself and your ideas out into the world for people to judge.  And we all know that the online world is not the friendliest place at times. 


But here is the thing. 


Creating a true Intentional Advisor Community is more important to me than staying safe and comfy in my bubble. 


I was sitting in a group listening to advisors talk about a month ago when someone said, "This is all great.  Here in this group of like-minded advisors, I feel like it all makes sense and doing business this way seems easy. But when I am back home, back in the real world, I am the only advisor building an intentional business.  I feel alone." 


I think that a lot of advisors that are trying to build their businesses with purpose and on purpose feel like they are all alone. 


I want to change that. 


I want to build a community of intentional advisors that can interact in real-time and share ideas and support each other. I want a safe place where people can come to ask dumb questions, rant at the craziness of the industry and celebrate their wins. 


I don’t think that place exists today or if it does, I am not aware of it. 


So, I guess that means we have to build it! And, frankly, that scares the heck out of me. 


I am not a social media star. I don’t want to live the selfie lifestyle. As an advisor, I have steered away from social media for years. 


Now I am going to try to build an online community from scratch!? 


It all feels a little crazy, but I feel like we NEED a place to come together with other advisors like ourselves. And to do it in a new way, using new technology, and stretching our own boundaries and skills in the process. 


What we fear doing most is what we most need to do. 


So, here is what I am going to do. I am launching a closed Facebook Group called The Intentional Advisor Mastermind. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, here are the basics: 


  • You have to have permission to join - so advisors only. 
  • What you say and like and post in the group does not show up in your feed for anyone to see.
  • We can kick people out that don't play by the rules: we expect respectful, supportive participation.
  • You use your personal FB page, and no potential clients are in this group, so by my estimation it should not fall under any social media rules with a B/D.



I hope that you've enjoyed our discussion about What We Fear Most. And guess where I would love to hear your feedback? In The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group!  This is a closed group we have created to support and encourage each other. 


Together we will build your practice with PURPOSE. 












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