It's been the driest winter anyone can remember.
Halloween came with no snow. We all thought that surely by Thanksgiving we would get some. A flurry, but it didn't even stick. Then came Christmas…nothing. But as the New Year's holiday approached there was finally snow on the horizon. Relief from the parched conditions. 


As it so often does, the storm was proceeded by high winds, record high winds of over 100 mph.  We all hunkered down inside and eagerly awaited the snow. And then disaster struck.  


In a community north of Denver, near Boulder, a shed lit on fire. We aren't sure why or how.  Just a little shed.  But with the whipping dry winds, the fire quickly spread. One shed, then a house, then a neighborhood, then 6,000 acres of land holding almost 1000 homes burned.   


The snow did arrive one day later and helped the firefighters douse the flames. 1000 families lost everything in that one day. 1000 families will have to rebuild their lives because one little shed caught fire. 


We watched this all unfold in slow motion from the safety of Metro Denver and we couldn't help but ask ourselves what it would feel like to lose everything. These people had minutes to respond, not hours. The universal question we all asked each other is "What do you grab?


Flames are burning across an open field, you can see it coming. What do you grab?   


Obviously, you grab your spouse, your kids, your pets. Now you have 5 more minutes, what do you grab? 


Most people respond with sentimental items, pictures, wedding rings, and such. Which is lovely, but what SHOULD you grab? What would make the biggest impact on your ability to rebuild your life?  


Your Financial Life Organizer. 


We give every Ideal Client a Financial Life Organizer and we help them encapsulate their entire financial life in it. It is the roadmap to every account, every debt, every asset, every everything. We tell our clients to teach their families that if something should happen to them, they pick up the Financial Life Organizer, bring it to us and we will help them sort everything out.   


I have often thought of the value of our Financial Life Organizer process over the past two years of the pandemic. It is an amazing tool to have if someone has to suddenly goes into the hospital or passes away. It is a huge support to the family left behind. 


But it might be YOU who has to rebuild your life. How much easier would it be if you had everything neatly organized in one binder that you can grab on the way out the door? 


You can give this gift to your clients. You can give this security, this support, to your clients by integrating the Financial Life Organizer into your Advice-based Financial Planning process.   


It's not hard, but you can't just give them a binder and wish them luck. We know clients, they won't follow through. You have to integrate it into how you do business.  You have to come back to it regularly as part of the planning process. You have to inspect it and help them update it regularly.   


I don't know what emergencies your clients will face, but the world doesn't seem to be getting safer right now. These are uncertain times and you can give them the gift of certainty in this one area of their lives. 


With Purpose, 



If you are interested in integrating the Financial Life Organizer into your planning process, I have an online training that makes it very quick and easy. This is truly a way to add value to your planning process and prepare your clients for whatever life might throw at them.   


Because I believe in the value of the Financial Life Organizer to your clients and your practice, I want to make this an easy win for you after a tough couple of years.   


Use this code: FLO25 to get 25% off (valid through 2022) of the Financial Life Organizer Online Training


 Reach out to me if you have any specific questions about the Financial Life Organizer or anything else! [email protected]


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