perspective purpose Jul 09, 2019


As I sit here in frustration and sadness at the state of the world, I come back to the only thing I know how to do…try to make a positive impact in my tiny corner of the world, in my little area of expertise.   


-I can't stop gun violence in our schools. 

-I can't make our political climate different than it is. 

-I can't change the fact that hate-crimes are on the rise. 


I ask myself, what CAN I DO? 


I can go to work today and focus on the family in front of me.   I can help them see their future more clearly and envision what is possible.  I can help allay their fears.  I can help each person feel more heard and understood.  I can help them be  better parents by modeling better financial habits for their children. 


And maybe, that family will be just a little happier because they aren't scared.  Maybe that marriage will stay together.  Maybe those kids will grow up to be more responsible adults.  Maybe the butterfly effect will mean that the world will become just a little bit better because of my efforts.  


I believe that we, as financial advisors, have the ability to change lives.  Change the entire trajectory of families with the work we do.  I commit to doing what I can in my little corner of the world to try to make it a better place…because I don’t know what else I can do.  


I invite you to join me in my "purpose work" to help people live with a little more optimism and a sense of self-determination.  Maybe together that ripple effect can span the nation and add up to change that matters. 



With Purpose,







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