My husband loves mid-century modern…everything!  This could have devolved into a relationship issue for us, as my house was decorated in Victorian style.   However, I quickly recognized that he had better taste than me and I conceded the argument.


He has a special place in his heart for mid-century chairs.  Very specific, I know!  I am expected to know the difference between an Eames and Saarinen.  Don't even get me started on Tulips vs. Womb chairs!


But I digress.


To keep my mid-century education going, my husband recently sent me a documentary about Charles and Ray Eames. Their story is incredibly inspiring and, if you look closely, full of meaningful business lessons.  (spoiler alert, they aren't brothers.  Ray is a woman and they are married and in business together) 


Check it out on YouTube HERE.


Charles was an architecture drop-out and Ray was a painter who stopped painting.  Together they became THE trend makers of the mid-century era.


They are famous for their furniture, specifically their chairs, but they were very clear that they were not just "furniture designers".   They lived their whole lives as creatives and expressed their vision in a myriad of ways: film, exhibit design, architecture, photography.


I want to share a couple of quotables from the couple and how they impact me as a business person.


"We don't do 'art.'  We solve problems." -Charles and Ray Eames


Wow, stop right there.  Isn't that an entire branding strategy, mission statement, call to action!?  When I heard that, I had to stop the video and write it down.  


These people whose entire lives were about expressing their creativity through their art were clear that art wasn't the thing.  The thing was solving problems!  The art was merely the method they used to solve problems.


If you were to make a similar statement in your business, what would it say?


We don't just manage money, we…?  Design lives?  Deliver peace of mind?   Help you live more secure, free and meaningful lives!?  The possibilities are endless!


The next quote I want to share is really a brand tagline and the theme for their work.


"The Best for the Most for the Least." -Charles and Ray Eames


The best design and quality for the most people for the least amount of money.  This tagline informed every aspect of their work.


  • Who do they work for?  The mass market, middle class folks.
  • What do they deliver?  Fantastic design and quality.
  • At what price point?  The lowest price point to execute on the vision.


In one sentence, they encapsulated their entire business model.  It might not be as catchy, but for your own purposes, what you would your statement sound like?


  • Smart Planning for Middle America at Accessible Prices?
  • White Glove Service for the High-Net Worth at Premium Prices?
  • Unbiased Advice for Mid-life Ladies at Affordable Prices?


I don't know about you, but I get so inspired by the artistry of their words!  I hope that these ideas get your wheels turning and thinking about how to boil the essence of what you do down to a concise statement of truth.  I encourage you to take some time to watch the documentary and see what speaks to you. 


With Purpose,



PS Where do you find inspiration for your business?  I personally love to look outside the industry for new ideas.  It's so hard to get a fresh idea from people immersed only in the financial and business world.  It's all been done before.


There are lessons to be had in books about concentrations camps, documentaries about artists, the works of ancient philosophy…the list is endless. 


If you like to hear about what I am learning, come join us in the TIA Mastermind Facebook Group.   I often share my favorite quotes and takeaways from my latest reads and we discuss them as a community. 


If you want to stay energized and excited about this business, it's so important to surround yourself with other advisors thinking outside the box who are looking to build purpose-driven, profitable practices!



Charles and Ray were very clear about what they did.  They weren't "just" furniture designers.  They were in the business of bringing beauty and functionality into as many lives as they could for the most reasonable prices that they could. 


"The Best for the Most for the Least" 


The documentary is full of insightful quotables.  Check it out HERE   







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