Tell me you are NOT an Intentional Advisor without telling me you aren’t an Intentional Advisor.


Here are the exact words of an advisor on an advisor-only forum asking how to be as ungenerous as possible during a discovery meeting.


“How do you give them enough info to gain them as a client without giving away free advice so that they end up not becoming a client because they gained at least some of what they wanted?”


And, interestingly, tons of advisors chimed in on exactly how to NOT deliver any value during a discovery meeting.


Just for clarity, let’s simplify the statement. How do I get what I want without possibly giving the other person any of what they want by accident.


WHY? Why do advisors want to run their businesses in such a self-centered and heartless way?


Just in case you were trained this way, I want to break it down a little.


Where do the vast majority of your potential clients come from?

-Referrals from your current clients or Key Partners, right?


Is every person whom you talk to a fit for Advice-based Financial Planning?

-No, some people can’t afford it. Some people don’t want it. It’s not for everyone, right?


What happens when someone refers you to their friend or client?

-They risk their relationship with that person. They put their trust in you, right?


When a prospect comes in for a discovery meeting and isn’t a good fit, what happens?

-If they don’t have the assets or income or inclination to engage in planning, you reject them, right?


Do you want people to keep referring to your business? YES! Of course!

-That’s a dumb question!


Then, do you think it’s important that every prospect should walk away with a positive feeling after meeting with you?

-Yes, so that they report a positive experience back to their referrer, right?


Do you think that withholding ALL VALUE is the best way to create a positive experience for the prospect?

-Probably not…


Friends, in my heart, I hope that you want to offer a high-value, emotionally significant initial experience because it FEELS SO GOOD to be of service.  But let’s assume that isn’t your priority.  Let’s assume that you selfishly want to make the most money and build the largest business possible. 


Every prospect you send packing with zero value is a sunk cost of time and resources.  If you send that same prospect out into the world with some high-level things to consider and begin to take action on, they become your goodwill ambassador back to the referrer and the world at large.  They become a Raving Fan.


Value = Goodwill

Goodwill = More Referrals

More Referrals = More Money


We have to stop thinking like a salesperson of advice and consider ourselves as ambassadors for our brand.  Success isn’t just getting a new client signed on. Success is also getting another person in your community to think highly of you and your business.


Being of service from day one will selfishly serve YOU in the long run.  You don’t need to withhold any crumbs of value until they hire you.  Give.  And in turn, you will receive!


With Purpose,



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