Last week I was working with a client who is struggling with a huge decision. 


He is, by any estimation, an Ideal Client: he follows my advice, he is willing to do what it takes to accomplish his goals, and he is a pleasure to work with. 


I have known him for years, about a decade. I know him REALLY well. He was struggling with the decision to leave a safe/pension generating job for a more opportunistic private sector job. 


This fellow has always done the conservative thing. He has always made the safe choice. He is a careful guy. 


However, his parents are getting older and don’t live anywhere near him. He saw his boss retire and pass away within 4 months. 


He is getting the feeling that the grind may not be in his best interest for another 20 years. 


In the middle of this conversation, I stopped everything and told him I wanted him to indulge me in a little game. 


I gave him a set of values cards and walked him through the process of the values conversation. 


With his top 5 (actually 6, he wanted a bonus one) values laid out in front of him, the decision became much more clear. 


  • FUN 


I mentioned the fact that SECURITY was missing. I would have bet money that it would have made the list. 


Through our conversation, he told me that the planning we had done over the last decade made him feel really secure and really in control. That allowed him to evolve and consider other things as important. 


I loved hearing that!! 


But notice, FAMILY is really high on his list. If he is choosing between being a good son and racking up more promotions, which do you think he should choose? 


FREEDOM made the list as well. His current job is very stifling. He does the best of of it, but it is bureaucracy defined. Should he consider taking the job that would provide him more freedom and flexibility!? 


And HEALTH… His parents health is weighing on him and the image of his boss passing away due to the stress of the job is fresh in his mind. Maybe a less stressful job is in order. 


I don’t know for sure what decision my client will make, but I do know that we brought a new perspective to the conversation by stepping back and taking a look at his values. 


“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” 

- Roy Disney 


Helping your clients clarify their values is an incredible gift! 


  • It makes decision making easier.  
  • It has the potential to improve relationships 
  • It even improves client satisfaction! 


And best of all, it is an easy value-add that you can give to your existing and new clients with minimal effort and re-tooling. 


We all have a need and desire to differentiate ourselves with potential new clients. 


The Discovery EXPERIENCE will absolutely change the way that you engage with new clients. It will communicate that you are committed to advice-based planning and that you are a true partner in their financial life. 


If you want to give the gift of values clarity to everyone in your world, there is nothing easier than this! 


With Purpose,









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