AND THEN SHE LET GO… One advisor’s journey to ten fee-paying clients in three months! 


I do believe that makes ten.  Ten fee paying clients in three months, with ease and flow. 


Those aren’t my results, they are Myra’s.  She is the embodiment of an Intentional Advisor.  


She went independent about two years ago and has struggled to grow her practice at the pace she was hoping for.  She was doing well, but not quite hitting it out of the park yet. She is a high-achiever, so this caused a lot of stress and compounded it with lots of self-doubt. 


Then she let go… 


She let go of the expectation that every Discovery Experience had to lead to a new client.  She instead, embraced being present in the moment and nothing more. 


It seems like such a small shift.   


I mean, we have all been told to: 

-Trust the process. 

-Make the experience a gift, regardless of outcome. 

-Show up to be of service. 


But there is a difference between intellectually knowing we should do a thing and successfully embodying it in the moment. 


I mean, if you just re-built your practice from the ground up, you are going to feel a sense of urgency to get clients in the door.  


Unfortunately, they can feel that emanating from you!  It has been ever so eloquently referred to as ‘commission breath’. 


When the potential client knows you need it more than they do, they can feel it in their bones!   It makes them lean back.  It makes them uncertain of your motivation.   It just makes it harder to build trust. It feels heavy.  


So, what changed? 


In Myra’s words, she “fell in love with the process, not the outcome.”  She started approaching every Discovery Experience as an opportunity to have fun and have a good conversation with a stranger.  


Without the pressure to “make them a client,” she was able to show up and really enjoy the process. It became light. 


And ironically, all the right ones started saying “YES.”  And several actually referred friends on the spot! 


So my friend, I have to ask you, have you mastered the art of letting go of the outcome and allowing the process to do the work!? 


With Purpose,




If you aren’t quite there yet and are open to a new way of interacting with potential clients, I have something you might enjoy.  


The Discovery EXPERIENCE is an easy to implement client acquisition process that I created for my own practice.   I took the best of what I knew and the things I felt were missing and created something that is truly a gift to the potential client, regardless of outcome.  


It is easy to learn, quick to implement and once you truly embrace it, will allow you to sit back, trust the process and attract the people you are here to serve! 


Please reach out to learn more! 








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