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I was just writing an email to a young woman who is just starting out as an admin in our industry. She has an ebullient personality and charisma. She is an adorable little fire-cracker of a young woman. I say little, because she is literally little; elfin is the word that comes to mind. 


She has the potential to go a long way…wherever she wants to go…but she doesn’t know it yet. 


None of us really see our own potential. Sometimes you can feel it inside, but it is so much easier to see it clearly from the outside perspective. 


She has huge potential! BUT she is letting the days, months, years pass without marked progress. 


She is in the phase of her life that she has to get her education. She has get that degree so that when the opportunity comes, she has that box checked. 


She even has FREE schooling through her employer, but she is too busy… 




I sent her an email with one basic message: The time will pass either way. 


You can choose to make incremental progress or you can choose to stay stagnant. Time doesn’t discriminate; it will pass either way. 


Until I was 30, there was barely a moment when I wasn’t working toward some educational goal. 


  • When I was in high-school, I was taking college classes. 
  • When I was in the Army, I was in night school. 
  • When I was working full-time after the Army, I was finishing my degree. 
  • When I was working as a mortgage broker, I was getting my licensing done.  
  • When I was starting out as an advisor, I was studying for my CFP and then my ChFC. 


It wasn’t until I was 30 that I ever wasn’t making slow and incremental progress toward some educational pursuit. And looking back, I did a lot! Very slowly! 


    1. Fluent in the Korean language
    2. Associates in Asian studies
    3. Bachelors in Business 
    4. Licensed personal trainer (don’t judge) 
    5. Licensed financial advisor 
    6. CFP 
    7. ChFC 
    8. And other miscellaneous things along the way. 


I never once had the luxury to just study and be a student. It was always a side-hustle. But my mantra that the time will pass either way always served me. 


Now, I am a long way for 30. I am 40!? 😮 OMG how did that happen? But the same mantra serves me with The Intentional Advisor and in my practice. 


  • People ask me how I write so much content…very slowly and very consistently. 
  • They ask me how I created all of the the TIA processes…very slowly, through trial and error. 
  • People wonder how I built a practice that covers 100% of my financial needs via recurring revenue…very slowly and one client at a time. 


The time will pass either way…what are you doing to incrementally improve your life and business? 


With Purpose,



With Purpose,




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