Do I ALWAYS have to be the one to tell the Emperor that he is naked!? 


Can’t someone else do it for once!? Pretty please!? 




OK, well here we go… 


Let’s talk a little about websites, branding and the promises we make. 


Many advisors have fantastic client deliverable graphics on their websites, but if you get them 1:1 over a cocktail and start asking them how they deliver on that promise…crickets. 


There are no deliverables, there is no process; just a graphic a designer plopped on their website. 


Fancy logos, color schemes, branding pics and websites do not make your work of high-value. 


In the modern day with brand designers and out-sourced graphics, it is easier than ever to create the illusion of value and substance. 


All of us can do it! 


But can all of us actually build a business that delivers the value we promise!? 


I would submit to you that YES we can all build high-value deliverables, but will you!? 


I challenge every advisor in my community to ask yourself the following questions: 

 - When someone hires me, what EXACTLY do I do for them? 

 - Do your deliverables extend beyond servicing the product (Ins. or Inv.) that you sold them?

 - What do I represent that I do for my clients on my website and in my brochure?

 - Do I ACTUALLY deliver on those promises consistently with every client? 


I am biased! I think most of us should be delivering comprehensive advice-based planning, because I believe that is what I think many/most of our clients need. 


If you choose to be product driven, that is totally OK! Specialists can be of high-value too! But you need to be honest about that. 


  • If you are just an asset-manager, don’t say you’re a comprehensive advisor. 
  • If you’re just an insurance agent, don’t call yourself a financial advisor. 


We all need to take a hard look at ourselves and determine if we are clearly saying what we do and doing what we say we do! 


If it turns out that you are an Emperor with no clothes, that’s OK! It’s an easy problem to fix, if you are committed to fix it! 


Our clients deserve the truth and until we as an industry start telling the truth, we deserve the reputation we have for integrity levels similar to that of used car salesmen and congress… 


With Purpose,




What do you think? Join the discussion! 







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