I just had the cutest conversation ever about the TIA Purpose Planner!  


I was at hosting a networking group and two of the women were off in the corner deep in conversation.  They came to a decision and proceeded across the room in tandem. 


They said, “We are serious users of the TIA Purpose Planner.  We LOVE it!  But we don’t know exactly what we are supposed to do with the NEXT STEP section of the planner.”  


It was so cute, because the question was so earnest! And if figured if my super-users were a little unclear, then maybe you are too!


I broke it down for them. Here is how you use the NEXT STEP portion of the TIA Purpose Planner:

 1. Identify a major project that would move your business forward if you actually got it done.
 2. Break it down into manageable steps.
 3. Put step one in the NEXT STEP section until it’s done
 4. Move on to step two etc.


Let me give you a real life example to bring this home.  

 1. IDENTIFY PROJECT: Presentation due in two weeks
 a. Identify topic
 b. Outline presentation
 c. Create slides
 d. Write handout
 e. Submit final presentation 
 3. NEXT STEP: Identify Topic would be my NEXT STEP until I get it done
 4. Then onto the next one and next one until it is done!



Here is why this is an important part of the TIA Purpose Planner process:  If we don’t keep an eye on the big projects, we can easily fritter our days away on nothing but reactive tasks. 


If every day, or several times a week, you are able to check off your NEXT STEP, you are making steady progress toward your larger goals.  


It will also keep you from getting overwhelmed or surprised by a big project that s up sneaks up on you!


Nothing is better than documenting your WINS at the end of the day and knowing that you not only took care of your clients, but you made your NEXT STEP toward your goals!

With Purpose,




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