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I was in my workout class this morning asking myself, “Why do I do this?” 


I have a few chronic injuries from my days in the Army that flare up from time to time.  Right now, after two weeks of traveling it all hurts: left heel, right ankle, knee, hip, lower back, shoulder and neck.  Hey, but aside from that I feel fabulous! 🤪 


Why am I here in this incredibly challenging Fierce 45 class when I could be doing some restorative yoga, some cardio or pilates?  The answer is because I am good at those things.  I still do them, but they are not my area of challenge and growth. 


I look around that room and almost every woman in there is able to do everything with more skill, grace, and depth than I can.  If I were smart, I would stay in my lane, do what I am good at and let my ego tell me that I am a winner.   


Instead, I consistently go where it hurts.  I push myself to go where I lack skills and strength.  I go where I NEED to go, not where I WANT to go.   


Two years ago, pilates was my area of growth.  It was what I needed to do, and it was challenging.  I left behind my well-known world of yoga and became a novice again.  I was awkward.  I was uncoordinated.  I lacked strength to do the unfamiliar moves. 


At that time, pilates was exactly what I needed.  It was my next area of growth.  My back had been causing me trouble more frequently and I knew that pilates had a reputation for fixing what ailed me.   And to a large extent, it worked!  


But after two years, it wasn’t enough by itself.  I was good at it.  I enjoyed it, but it was not pushing me to my edge.  And thus, I embarked on the Fierce 45 journey.  


There is a point to my lengthy and potentially trivial story about my workout progression… 


We all need to go where it hurts, not stay where it’s easy and safe.   


I had a conversation with a very successful Advisor who is eager to get a TIA study group finalized.  He was lamenting, “Why am I the one pushing this when, in theory, I am the one who needs it the least!?” 


The answer was obvious to me.  Successful people go where it hurts.   


Not just because it hurts, but because they are honest with themselves about their own strengths and when they identify a weakness, they are eager to do something about it.  That is why they are successful! 


Let me ask you… 

-Are you going where it hurts or are you staying where your ego feels safest? 

-Are you playing to your strengths without regard to the areas where you need to grow? 

-Are you willing to be a novice again, even when the world is happily telling you that you are a pro? 


The honest answer to those questions will likely predict your future success.  


With Purpose,




I would love to know where you need to go to make it hurt!  What area of your life are you playing it safe when you need to be pushing yourself?  Is it your business, your workouts, your personal life?  


Come on over to the TIA Mastermind Group on Facebook and share with our Intentional Advisor community your commitment to your next area of growth! 






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