When everything hit the fan a couple of weeks ago, I knew I needed to unplug from my phone and switch my focus for a while.  I turned, as I often do, to my bookshelf.   


I picked up one that had been on my list to read for awhile.  Within a chapter I knew it was the WRONG book for the moment.  Though the content was important in a larger business context, it was out of alignment with what I needed right now.   


Instinctually, I knew what book I needed to reread and share with the TIA Community, "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.  


The New York Times called it "An enduring work of survival literature." 


Ryan Holiday said, "If life is suffering, Frankl’s Logotherapy and analysis of meaning is the antidote we all need." 


I say that there isn't a better book to both put our current crisis in perspective AND give us a lens through which to process and learn from it.  


Over the next month we are going to explore the Man's Search for Meaning together as part of the TIA Book Club.    


Here is what you need to do to join the TIA Book Club: 

  1. Buy "Man's Search for Meaning"  Available on Amazon, but consider using Barnes and Noble due to Amazon's current volume. 
  2. Join the TIA Mastermind Group on Facebook.
  3. Share your thoughts and comments below my bi-weekly TIA Book Club posts within the group. 


Whether you engage in the book club or not, I hope you read "Man's Search for Meaning".  Consider gifting a copy to a friend or one of your team members.   


The world needs actionable perspective now more than ever!  Be the change you want to see in the world and share the light in these dark times.  


With Purpose,






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