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Branding is one of the keys to developing a client experience. The experience you deliver begins with your website and social media pages. It continues into your office space and your email communications. It is part of how you and your staff show up in your client interactions.  

In order to do effective branding as a financial advisor, you have to know… 
-Who you ARE 
-Who you SERVE 
-How you want to make people FEEL 

If you are talking to photographers and web designers and you have not clarified those things, you should put the brakes on now! 

Brands based on your favorite colors with some attractive shots of you standing in power poses are meaningless and they are part of the problem.  

People all over the internet are creating personal brands that stand for nothing. 
To do branding right, you need to know… 
-What your stand FOR 
-What you stand AGAINST 
-What you actually DELIVER 

Before you start picking fonts and designing branding standards, spend some time in self-reflection about yourself and the business you want to create.  

This is your opportunity to truly build you practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE! 


With Purpose,




If you need a little help clarifying who you are, who you serve and what you do for them, you might want to consider the Delivering on the Promise Online Course.  
In that self-paced course, I provide my real life examples and I walk you through exercises what will provide you with the real brand clarity that you will need before you embark on the branding journey! 







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