mindset recruiting Nov 04, 2019


I just got back from the WIFS National Conference in Louisville, KY.  #SoValuable!    

There was a lot of talk from the stage and in the side conversations about bringing gender equality to the industry.  


Here we are stuck at 15% female advisors, as we have been for decades.  What has to change for that number to change!? 


I think that we, as women in the industry, have to be willing to take more risk!  


There are three risks that come to mind: 

  1. Business Risk 
  1. Mentor Risk 
  1. Expansion Risk 


Let’s break these down… 



Established women in the industry need to be willing to take risks in our own careers first.   

-We have to be willing to raise our hand for the high level position in the company.   

-We have to be willing to go commission only and build our own practices.   

-We have to be willing to take the Business Risk that will put us in positions to lead and mentor the next generation of advisors.  



We need to stop just mentoring young women and start advocating for them.  Rather than just talking with them about how to navigate the industry, we need to be making calls, opening doors and really being a champion for the smart, capable women we mentor.  Talk’s cheap, what action are you going to take to help her move forward? 



I know countless women who are at max. capacity in their businesses, but are unwilling to delegate and hire the support they need.  We need to be willing to take the risk to expand our businesses and create jobs for the next generation of female advisors. Rather than ask someone else to create the next generation pipeline, create it in your own practice! 


Every single one of us who is in the industry today has a man to thank for that.  Somewhere along the line we had one or many men who mentored, hired and supported us along the way.  


We need to thank them.  We need to encourage them to do more.  But most of all, we need to actively work side-by-side with our Male Allies in the business to increase the number of women who join and most of all thrive in the industry! 


It is our turn ladies!  It is our turn to take the risks and change the face of the financial services industry! 


With Purpose,




Are you ready to commit?  Commit to taking the risks to change the face of the industry? 


If you are, head over to Females and Finance to share your commitment with the most engaged community of women in the industry on the internet! 


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