The world doesn’t need just another financial advisor selling insurance and investments, it needs advisors on a mission to use financial planning as a tool to help change people’s lives!  


I dare you to try to find a networking group that doesn’t already have multiple “Financial Advisors.” 

Ask around and see how many of your friends have sons or nephews who are new in the biz. 


Financial Advisors are almost as ubiquitous as Realtors.  They are a dime a dozen… 


A bad one can do serious harm. 

But a great one can change a life! 


It has all been done!  But it hasn’t been done by YOU! 


I don’t say that because you are a special snowflake.  I say it because if you choose to dig deep, draw on your unique life experiences and show up as your authentic-self you can reach those who have never listened before.  


When you get honest with yourself about who you are truly here on earth to SERVE, financial planning can become a CALLING instead of a job.  


Each of us has unique life experiences that have equipped us to serve a different Ideal Client.  


-I had a mother who was a widow and it showed me the multi-generational impact of financial instability.  (She did a fabulous job with what she had BTW!) 

-I have personally been divorced and know what challenges divorcees face. 

-I am a strong woman who resents being talked down to, but also wants to be seen and heard.  


My life, my experiences, my challenges, my strengths have all prepared me to serve women, especially those who are facing a life transition.   It’s just who I am.  


Each of us has someone we are here to serve and when we align with that truth, we open up a huge opportunity to attract people who are looking for exactly what we offer! 


It has all been done, but it hasn’t been done by YOU! 


I challenge you to ask yourself with an open heart, whose life has equipped you to serve and to find a way to align your business with those clients.  


When you do that, being a Financial Advisor goes from job to a calling! 


With Purpose,




Many advisors are mostly concerned about sales, AUM and revenue, but there are some who are called to be Intentional Advisors.   


If you are one of us, please join our advisor-only community of liked-minded advisor, the TIA Mastermind Group on Facebook!  


Together, we can revolutionize what it means to be a Financial Advisor!  







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