mindset perspective Mar 04, 2019
Is there an area of your life or business that you want to change, but you just don't have faith that it will get any better?
When we lose faith that we can improve something, it becomes very difficult to make positive change.
You tell yourself positive affirmations about the grand results you aspire to, but you just don't believe it.
I have a new mantra that I want to share with you that is proving as an effective reframe in these stubborn areas of my life!
It could be worse and it's getting better!
This mantra is just a tiny shift from the negative.
The negative says that it's terrible and it's never changing.
We aren't trying to pretend that it's all sunshine and roses, because it's NOT!
We are recognizing what is. Also, that we have a little gratitude about the current state. And then we add the kicker, it's getting better!
We didn't say it's going to be fabulous tomorrow.
We didn't lie to ourselves about a grand transformation that is around the corner.
We just quietly opened the door for incremental improvement.
I believe that success is all about trajectory. What direction are you headed?
I don't care so much about the pace of change, but about consistent, incremental improvement.
It's getting better! It allows us to have a realistic hope of improvement in an area we have struggled in the past.
Let's think through a couple scenarios: Your assistant isn't a rockstar and you aren't getting along well:
-It could be worse - she could be a thief!
-It could be worse - she could not show up to work!
-It's getting better - she learned something new last week.
-It's getting better - our quick huddles in the morning are helping us get on the same page.
After going through that exercise, can you see that you would feel more optimistic about the future of that relationship? You aren't trying to pretend that it is perfect, just opening the door a crack for the possibility of improvement.
Let's do another: You have a goal of 2 new fee-paying clients per month. You are no where near that!
-It could be worse - you did start 5 clients last year. Better than none!
-It could be worse - you are getting referrals every now and again. People trust you!
-It's getting better - your new networking group is starting to pay off.
-It's getting better - you're getting more confident about asking for referrals. 
Once you get that monkey of negativity off of your back, you can now focus on the next step you need to take to gain some momentum.
Maybe you could invite a Key Partner to join you in the networking group and get some synergy going.
Maybe you could leverage your new-found confidence in asking referrals by adding it to the agenda of every meeting.
This mantra, It could be worse and it's getting better! is a simple tool you can use in any area you are struggling with right now. It will help you go from a negative frame of mind to a mindset of possibility without lying to yourself. 
I think that is what we all need to help us take action to improve our lives and businesses!

With Purpose,




PS I would LOVE to hear where you might apply this in your life right now! Hop on over to The Intentional Advisor Mastermind  group and tell us!

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