I grew up poor, joined the Army to get educated and took a lot of risks as an entrepreneur to get where I am today.  I am the one who went without paychecks when money was tight.  I went into debt to expand my team before I was really ready.  I carried leases for empty offices so that someday I could fill them with advisors and staff. 


If anyone is self-made, I am.  Or so I thought… 


Around Christmas, personal development Brendon Burchard rolled out his new High Performance Journal.  Of course, being a huge Brendon fan (yes, of course we are on a first name basis :-)), I bought it right away.   


New Year's morning I cracked open my new journal and did the first journaling prompt: "The five most important events that happened in my life that I am profoundly grateful for include…" 


As I went through the list of the five most important events in my life and business, I realized…much to my chagrin…that they were not EVENTS, they were PEOPLE. 


Given my background, I can't help but see myself as the underdog, in a solo fight to build a life that I once thought was impossible. 


The thing is, that story just isn't true.   


Yes, I do give myself credit for working hard, maintaining my vision despite obstacles and being willing to take risks.  But the big steps forward in my life all came through the people in my life. 


-Building my own Advice-based Financial Planning practice was only possible when I found the right assistant who supported me through good times and bad. 


-Going independent and starting my own firm was only possible because of a patient mentor who showed me how and supported me.   


-The expansion of The Intentional Advisor from a tiny coaching practice to a nationwide network of like-minded advisors was only possible because of a trio of women who believed in my vision and gave me the chance to scale it.  


And the list, both personal and professional, goes on and on… 


The most important events in my life/business didn't come to fruition because of my brilliance or even my own handwork.  Those may have been contributing factors that laid the groundwork, but each pivot point occurred when a person came into my life and supported me, took a risk on me, believed in me. 


As a closet introvert, I HATE this realization! 


-I don't want it to be true that my network equals my success, but it does. 

-I don't want it to be true that I am defined by those I spend time with, but it is. 

-I don't want it to be true that I need other people to accomplish my dreams, but I do. 


One of the hard won lessons of my life is that I can't do it all on my own!  I will sure as hell try, but for something to really change, grow, succeed, it requires the input and support of many players. 


As we roll into 2021, I hope you take some time to answer Brendon's question for yourself.  Think of the five events that you are most grateful for.  Screen them for the possibility that they might not have been as "self-generated" as you once imagined. 


Who are the pivotal people in your life?  Have you thanked them for their support?  Have you connected with them lately? 


If not, please do! 


It would be tempting to ask you, who do you need to connect with to take your live/business to the next level?  But, you know what, I don't think it works that way.  At least it doesn't for me. 


I did not cultivate a network of people to help me move forward in the world.  I didn't target them and strategically try to get their support.  It organically happened through sincere interaction.  


My take-away from this conversation is that we need to remain open to connection.  We need to take concerted action to meet new people and foster new relationships.  Sometimes, you may help them.  Sometimes, they may help you. Sometimes, it might just be a nice interaction.  But it's almost never a waste of time! 


But in the new virtual world we live in, we have to make a real effort to connect and grow our networks.  It is not going to happen by accident! 


How will you remain open to connect in 2021? 


With Purpose,




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If you feel like you slogging along all alone, you should join us!  You don't have to do it alone and you don't have to reinvent the wheel!  Our advisor community is extremely supportive of one another! 


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