Sometimes someone will tell me that they want to be like me when they grow up. 


That is a very humbling thing to hear. 


I have to fight the urge to deflect the compliment and say…”Oh, no, you don’t want to be like me.  I’m not that great.” 


When I hear that from someone, I ask myself, what are they seeing that they want for themselves? 


They might be referring to my successful financial planning practice that has begun growing via new advisors instead of new clients.  


Maybe it is that I am now a recognized speaker and thought leader in the financial planning world. 


The truth is, that I am not massively materially successful.  And I am a thought leader in a tiny fish-bowl-sized corner of the industry.  


I think what they actually see is realized potential. 


People feel within themselves the desire to be more.  To do more.  They feel like they are just capable of more.   


When they see a regular person like me stepping into ‘more’, it resonates with them.  


The truth is that my life is my own personal dream come true, one painfully slow step at a time. 


As I contemplate on what it is that has made my life different than others who are smarter, more talented and more generally note-worthy it is just one thing. 


I am willing…  


I am willing to try.  I am willing to learn something new.  I am willing to be a novice.  I am willing to look dumb. I am willing to start before I’m ready.  I am willing to throw my hat in the ring and figure it out along the way.  


Maybe it’s that I am willing to risk failure. 


Nothing I have done in my business as an advisor or a consultant has been guaranteed.:


-Going independent 

-Adding advisors 

-Becoming an consultant 

-Starting a blog 

-Creating a social media presence  

-Speaking around the country 


Everything I have done has been something I had no idea how to do.  And actually, I didn’t even know anyone who had done it.   


I just knew I wanted to try, I was willing to fail and trusted that I could figure it out. 


I am not writing this as a humble brag.  I know for sure that I have not ‘arrived’ anywhere yet.  I am not on top of the world telling you how to get there.   


I am in process.  I am on my way.  And I would love it if you would join me on the journey.  


If you know that you are called to become ‘more’, I want to encourage you to start on that journey today:


-Identify something you secretly want to do 

-Start figuring out how it works 

-Jump in before you are ready 

-And be willing to fail…but chances are you won’t! 


With Purpose,




If you want to join me on the journey, I hope to see you in the TIA Mastermind Facebook Group where Intentional Advisors from all over the country come to share ideas, challenges and wins. 


I would love to hear what you secretly want to do!  Maybe we can help you figure out how to get started! 



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