My husband sent me this post from Instagram.  Of course I laughed and then I thought to myself, how sad is this? 


It is totally true! 


School teaches us so many things, but it doesn’t teach us even the basics of how to function as adults in the world.   


-We are legally required to file taxes, yet no one shows us how.  

-The responsibility for our retirement has been transferred from biz/gov to the individual, but we do not learn even the basics.  

-We are given the ‘freedom to choose’ our health insurance, but no education about how to weigh the options.  


I could go on and on.  


Let me ask you this, where can people go for unbiased, comprehensive financial education and advice? 


Without an advice-based financial advisor, the average person is left to cobble together their financial strategy based on hearsay, googled articles and blind hope. 


This little Insta Funny reminded me that we have an amazing responsibility we carry to our clients and society. 


If you are ever reticent to put yourself out there and market your services, I want you to think about this. 


Without your help the average American is left to fend for themselves in a world that they are unequipped to navigate.  Everyone may not take you up on the offer, but it is imperative that you make the effort and give them a chance to hire you.  


Our work is of high service to the world.  

Our work is a calling. 

Our work has the power to change lives! 


With Purpose,




If you are looking for a place to interact and connect with other purpose-driven, advice-based advisors, I invite you to join us in the TIA Mastermind Group on Facebook.   






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