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Do you ever come across a brand that is so generous that you can't help but buy from them?
I can think of several brands that fall into that category, but one stands out: Brendon Burchard.
When I started The Intentional Advisor, almost 3 years ago, I wasn't new to business, but I was new to business to business (B2B) consulting.
I initially created TIA like my practice: Sign-up for $X fee and I will take you through this process for these outcomes. It worked! Yay!
But I quickly realized that between my practice and consulting I was at max capacity right out of the gate.
I had to do something differently.
It became apparent that e-learning was the way to make a larger impact and make my message accessible to advisors at every level. It would also free up some of my time.
Fantastic, but how do you run an online consulting company!?
I  wish I could say that in comes Brendon to save the day. No, first I found this person. Then I was led to that person. Then I felt very frustrated and then I found Brendon!
Here is the great thing about Brendon: No matter what he teaches (and he teaches many different things) he gives way more than he takes.
With him, you sign up for some free thing and then he sends you actionable training for FREE; not one thing or two things, but many things you can start using right away. 
Then, once you are done scribbling notes and creating master plans based on what he gave you for free, he offers you something you can buy.
And you think to yourself, if his free stuff is this good, then how far can I go with his paid stuff!?
And you buy it. And then you realize that he did it again! He gave you even more than he promised! Not only did he solve the problem you were having, but he gave you a ton of additional value.
And you realize, when the time comes, you are definitely going to buy the other thing he has available.
What I love about Brendon is that he is all about his purpose and he is absolutely comfortable with the fact that he makes a very, very good living in his business!
He runs his business with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE!
OK friends, enough about my obsession with Brendon. What can we learn from him?
1. Give away the good stuff (don't hold back until someone pays you)
2. Build structure and then infuse soul (you need both aspects)
3. Community is everything (we don't succeed in a vacuum)
4. Always give more than you promise (generosity builds loyalty)
5. Don't forget mindset (we all need cheerleaders!)
Now that I look at my list of take-aways, I realize that those aren’t the things the Brendon taught me.  They are the things that I already believed that he modeled for me!
What would this look like in your practice?
                1. Your Initial Client EXPERIENCE has to deliver actionable value!
                2. A concrete Client Service Model that allows you to be more present with your client!   
                3. Client events that are part of every practice!
                4. Being a true partner in every aspect of your client’s life!
                5. Telling your client that you are proud of their progress!
Don’t we all want to buy from people who offer generosity as a business model?  Aren’t we all less price-sensitive when we feel like someone has given us more than we bargained for?
I challenge you to look at your practice and ask the hard question, “Is generosity a cornerstone of my business model?”

With Purpose,




Brendon is everywhere, but if you haven’t run across him yet, go check him out on his blog! You won’t be sorry you did!

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