Do you dream of that moment in life when you "have it all done"? All the bills are paid, the house is in perfect condition, your business is running seamlessly, and your personal life is in order? You're not alone. 


Recently I have been rethinking my goal of "getting it all done." I have come to realization that we're never completely finished "constructing" life. After all, if we get it all done, what will we do with our creativity? If we're "done", what will we spend that hard-earned money on? If we feel that everything is complete, won't things change again and require us to start from the beginning anyway? 


Embracing Change as a Way of Life 


Years ago, I had the privilege of working with Lance Secretan, a change-management guru who introduced me to the theory of Kaisen: the concept of continual improvement. 


When it came to building my practice, I didn't sit down and map it out perfectly, execute that vision, and suddenly find myself "done" with developing my business. I tried things, refined and improved the processes, ran into obstacles, and built my practice on the successes and failures that I encountered. 


Each experience revealed an opportunity for improvement and an evolution of the practice.  




The Intentional Advisor is a product of over 10 years of Kaisen. Continual improvement. Not just continual...incremental improvement.  Iteration after iteration getting better and better. 


So, if you also suffer from always being "under construction," whether that is literal construction or the figurative construction of your mind, your business, your body…congratulations! 


If not, I would encourage you to forget the idea of "getting it all done" and embrace the concept of Kaisen.   If you want to grow, you will always be under construction! Ideas evolve over time. Embracing that will lead you to a more successful and meaningful life in every aspect. 


This will help you build your practice with PURPOSE. 


With Purpose,




Have any questions or feedback? I'd love to hear from you at [email protected]. Also, find tips, support, and motivation at The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Facebook group!







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