implementation process Nov 26, 2018


Mastery is “the mysterious process during which what is at first difficult becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice.” 


-George Leonard 


We are often slow to change because we feel like it will be hard. We feel like we will be awkward. We will look foolish in our first attempts. 


When we embrace the truth of the mysterious process of mastery, we can recognize that awkwardness as a natural and temporary part of the process. 


This challenge appears everywhere, but I have to think that it is even more acutely felt when considering a change to your client acquisition process. 


Let’s imagine you are like most advisors and your initial client experience consists of a fact finder and a dog and pony show about your practice. Maybe you have some poignant questions meant to stir up fear and unease in the potential client. 


At some point you learned this process. I remember when I was brand new in the industry and I had to learn scripts. I recorded myself reading them, with flair of course, and would listen back in my car. I would try to recite each part and then test my memory. 


Those scripts were filled with phrases to make me sound smart (when I didn’t know anything) and words to make the client believe that they NEEDED me! 


That script was my companion in the early years of my business. For the first three years, it was probably what kept me alive financially. However, I never felt authentic delivering it. I never felt honest delivering it. 


When I embarked on the journey of creating my own more emotionally significant, less sales-y and more valuable initial client experience, it was challenging. 


I felt awkward, I felt unsure. I wanted to run back to my sales scripts because they felt like home. But, that wasn’t who I wanted to be any longer. 


I had to be willing to go through the mysterious process of mastery where what once felt foreign and difficult becomes second nature. 


It actually only took a few meetings for me to begin to master the Discovery EXPERIENCE I had created. Because, it was more authentically me! I didn’t have to have slickly delivered lines or quick retorts. 


I just had to show up as myself and guide my clients through an emotionally significant process that would improve their lives…regardless of outcome. I understood what I was doing and WHY I was doing it, so the process of learning was easier than before. 


Friends, if you are struggling to implement something new because you feel awkward and foolish, remember that with just a modicum of intentional practice, the process of mastery begins to take over. What felt difficult will become easy before you know it! 


With Purpose,




If you don’t have an emotionally significant initial experience that you believe in, you should check out the Discovery EXPERIENCE. I created it for my practice and was encouraged by colleagues to create a training course to share it with other advisors. 


If you are willing to put in just a little practice, you are going to be able to deliver an impactful initial experience that matters to potential clients in a short period of time. 



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