Let’s start with what a self-healing process is. Since I made it up, I get to define it, yay! 


A self-healing process is one that finds and fills its own gaps over time. Nothing has to be tracked separately, just follow the process and everything gets taken care of…automatically. 


I was talking with my TIA Ideal Client Muse (you know who you are 😎) this week and he was asking me about the Projection meeting (running the financial planning projection for the client). 


He was asking me if I created an implementation schedule with line-item tasks and due dates. 


I told him, that like many things, that sounds like a good idea, but I have just not found it to be necessary. 


There are three phases to our client service model. Planning and Implementation are during the initial planning process and Partner is our annual process to keep the plan on track. 


-During the PLANNING Phase, we identify the things we need to do (1st and 3rd meetings). 

-During the IMPLEMENTATION Phase, we make our initial recommendations and implement them on the spot (2nd and 3rd meetings). 

-During the ongoing PARTNERSHIP Phase, we regularly review their entire plan (annual 3rd meeting). 



Here is where the self-healing aspect comes in. I don’t have to track due dates on a bunch of implementation items. I just wait until the next topic specific meeting and we review that aspect of the plan. 


FINANCIAL PLAN REVIEW - The projection and cash flow related implementation 


RISK MANAGEMENT REVIEW - Insurance, estate and document organization implementation 


WEALTH MANAGEMENT REVIEW - Investment and tax related implementation 



So, every year, we review every aspect of the plan and determine if it is time to fill any gaps. The gaps make themselves glaringly apparent because we use worksheets to summarize the data from each meeting. 


At one quick glance, I can see what has yet to be implemented and focus my time with the client accordingly. 


Nothing additional to track, no separate documents, no due dates to worry about…the process is self-healing. 


My Ideal Client Muse loved my answer! He agreed that tracking implementation schedules had always been a pain and he now had confidence that by following the process it would all get taken care of! 


Do you have a self-healing process in your practice?  


With Purpose,




If you want a self-healing process, but don’t know where to start, I would recommend you check out the Delivering on the Promise Online Course.  

That is where I lay out every aspect of my client service model and give you the tools to build your own customized version.   





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