DO LESS, BETTER-An epistle to myself


We hear it from our friends, clients and ourselves…we are so busy.  So, so busy. 


It is a chronic problem in the US. I feel like we are all running around surviving what we are doing with one foot in what we are about to be doing.  We aren’t present.  


The thing is, I used to be pretty good about this in my own life and business.  


Back when I only ran my practice, I knew what moved the dial, I knew what mattered and I was ruthless about doing less, but doing it better.  


Now, I find myself running two businesses and on the consulting side, I don’t yet “have it all figured out.”  


So, I am doing what most advisors are doing, throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.  I am doing a little of this and some of that.  I am running in too many directions. 


I am doing too much and I am not doing it well.  


I need to do what I did in my practice, what I tell advisors to do, I need to do less and do it better! 


-Just like you, I need to hone in on exactly who I serve and what I bring to the table that no other consultant or coach can.  


-I need to refine my client service model so that it is crystal clear how I work with clients and what value I deliver.  


-Most of all, I need to identify what marketing efforts move the dial.  What is worth investing my time in and what should I leave behind? 


These are the same things you have to do in your practice to build a machine that consistently delivers a high-value, client-centric experience.   


Whether in a consulting business or a financial planning practice, there are unending things that we could do, we need to answer for ourselves what am I here on earth to do!? 


And when we figure that out, we have to commit to doing just that and doing it better than anyone else! 


I want to challenge myself and you to look ruthlessly at our businesses and commit to doing less, but doing it better! 


With Purpose,




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