Have you ever had one of those days…one of those weeks…where the appointments come back-to-back and there just seems no end to it!?  Friday comes and you realize that even though you have half a dozen meeting notes you need to finish, all you want is a cocktail.  And you deserve it!


You tell yourself that you will catch up over the weekend.  But then Saturday comes and you just want to play.  And then Sunday comes and you have to get everything ready for the week.


But hey, no worries, you can get caught up on Monday, right!?


However, we all know that with Monday comes a whole new set of obligations and things to do.  When exactly are you going to get caught up?


One of two things are going to happen.  You are going to just "forget" about the notes you need to do and move on or you are going to throw something in the CRM just to check the box. 


Either way, you will not have served the client as well as you intended to, you will set yourself up for potential compliance issues and most of all, you let your future self down.


I was listening to a Liz Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love and many other amazing books) on a recent podcast and she was talking about how much she hates flossing.  She hates it, but she diligently does it because she knows that it is a gift to "Future Liz".


When I heard Liz talking about giving a gift to Future Liz, it struck me as a whole new way to think about things we don't want to do, but in doing so we benefit our future selves.  And in not doing so, we are setting ourselves up for failure.


This is applicable to many aspects of everyday life…

-Will future Lucila be glad I did the dishes or cool with the fact that I let them pile up, again?

-Will future Lucila feel better knowing she worked out or end the day frustrated by the missed opportunity?


One of the things I hear from advisors all the time is that they have a process, but they don't follow it.   You can design a truly ideal practice, but if you and your staff don't actually follow your own processes, you are setting your future self up for failure. 


In the case of those pesky meeting notes, they need to get done in a timely manner.  They need to be complete and in a format that will allow your staff to follow through on the tasks required.  They need to end up in the CRM to build the compliance trail. 


And most importantly, your future self will need them in order to prepare for your next meeting with that client.  Sure, you can wing it, but your future self will be so much happier and more confident with your last meeting documented with the full context and detailed recommendations.


You can grab that cocktail on Friday night and enjoy your weekend, but you're betraying your future self by leaving the important work undone!


So, either buckle down and do the work or better yet, stay on top of it in the so that you don't end up with the backlog in the first place.  Your future self will thank you!


With Purpose,




Let's be clear, none of us are perfect!  We are always going to struggle and be working on different aspects of our businesses.  The key is to continue to build and follow processes that set you up for success!  With concerted effort over time, you will end up with a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.


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