In this edition of The Intentional Advisor blog, I wanted to address how to effectively and efficiently take on new business. Let's take a look at the steps necessary to grow your practice in a way that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed and overworked! 


Do you see anything wrong with this conversation? 

  1. You're telling me how busy you are.
  2. Then you're saying you want to add more clients.


This isn't logical.  I am not saying that I have never done it, but it doesn't make any sense.  


Creating the business you want 


If you want new clients, you need to make space for new clients.  You need be so efficient with your current business that you literally have surplus time.   You need to build a machine of a business that automatically takes care of your current clients at a high level so that you can confidently add people to the equation. 


If you don't do that, you may be letting somebody else down - your new clients, your existing clients...maybe even yourself. 


If you want to really get into growth mode, you need to start by getting your current practice running like a well-oiled machine.  That is how you free up time and mental energy for new clients. That is how you feel authentically excited about adding new clients. That is how you signal to yourself and your staff and the universe that you are ready. 


So, how do you do that? 


By building a High-Value Service Model that you and your staff faithfully implement! 

  • Have a list of meetings that every new client goes through to make sure that they are getting a truly comprehensive initial experience.  
  • Ensure that your current clients know how you will deliver financial planning services over time to them.  Have a specific list of meetings you will do annually with specific agendas to efficiently guide you through. 


The High-Value Service Model 


The Intentional Advisor business itself is proof that this model works. My practice serves about 100 clients. I was able to run my business in about 30 hours a week and even those 30 hours were laced with Starbucks runs and leisurely lunches. I take about 12 weeks off a year. By off, I mean a combination of true vacation, learning, and planning time. Twelve weeks not meeting with clients. 


Ask Yourself 


What practice do you want to own? How does that work with the life you want to live? It's time to create that intentionally by making room for those new clients. 

And if you are currently so busy you can barely stand it, just realize what that means…growth is likely not in your future based on the signals you are giving yourself! 


With Purpose,




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