Often times the loudest voice and the most charismatic character in the room wins the day.  But that doesn’t mean they are right… 


I am going to assume that you have encountered Dave Ramsey devotees in your journey as a financial advisor.  The client, or potential client, comes in all jazzed about living on ramen noodles and having paid down their mortgage a bit. 


They don’t have adequate savings.  They have delayed investing, but all they care about is debt. Debt. DEBT! 


I can share with you what I tell those people as their potential advisor, but that isn’t the purpose of this post. I am sure that you are fully capable of handling that conversation.  


I am more concerned about financial extremism and our role in combating it. 


Middle of the road, reasonable advice doesn’t sell books.  Kind and understanding advisors don’t make good radio hosts or pack auditoriums. 


Extreme ideas espoused from the rooftops just get more attention.   In the past without book deals, radio shows and media presence good ideas couldn’t get much play. 


Things have changed.  Each of us at our fingertips the opportunity to create quality content and distribute it for free.  You can have a great idea, pull your phone out of your pocket and share that idea with the world in a matter of moments.  


But how many advisors are actually using their platform to make change, espouse good ideas, stand for something!? 


We both know that advisors are either not using social media and online marketing or they are outsourcing it using plain vanilla white label content.  Very few legitimate advisors are using their online presence to make change in the world! 


We’ve got the big boys and girls, Dave Ramsey, Suse Orman, Jim Cramer and the like.  We also have these untrained “financial coaches” who are social savvy, but lack any actual foundation in financial planning.  


Where are the true financial advisors standing up for what they believe in?  Where are the true financial advisors calling out the absurdity of the talking heads?  Where are the true financial advisors sharing great, actionable ideas with the world? 


I would guess that they, like you, are busy.  Busy running a business.  Busy outsourcing content.  Too busy to be a thought leader.  Or so they tell themselves. 


If you, like me, are called to be a financial advisor with the desire to positively changing lives,  


-How can we not stand for something? 

-How can we not stand against things? 

-How can we choose NOT to show up online? 


People need you my friend! People need people they can trust sharing good ideas that can improve their lives.  Some may hire you and some may just consume your content and be better off, but they all need you! 


Get out there and SAY SOMETHING! 


With Purpose,




I know that this isn’t easy for us.  We have been taught to be afraid of saying anything out loud for fear of the big compliance hammer.  I have two thoughts for you.  

 - Keep things more in the financial planning realm and out of the product marketing and investment advice areas.   Share ideas, not sales pitches and compliance will love you! 

 - Get some practice.  Come join us in The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group on Facebook!  Get used to sharing your ideas.  Get acquainted with the technology and effective online communication before you jump into the fray on your own! 





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