community mindset purpose Nov 25, 2020

As this year wraps up, I can't help but think…I'm so glad 2020 is almost over.  Come on 2021, be a better year!  Be the come back year for all of us!  It is so easy to push 2020 away and reject its lessons and gifts.


I was thinking to myself, we need to be grateful for what 2020 has given us.  There have been innumerable obstacles; financial, health, emotional and on and on…  But there have also been gifts if we take the time to look for them.


Rather than just drop a discount for Black Friday, I would like to encourage our community to share those things we are grateful for with each other and finish this year with a sense of gratitude!  I believe that our gratitude for the this year will lay the foundation for a positive start to the next!


With that in mind, I am going to be doing a 3-day Black Friday Giveaway!  I will be giving away, at absolutely no charge, 21 TIA Purpose Planners to our community.



Here is how you can enter to win a TIA Purpose Planner, on November 25th, 25th, 27th…

  1. Join the free TIA Mastermind private Facebook Group.
  2. Share three things you are grateful for about 2020 under the daily giveaway post.
  3. The first 7 people to leave their comments each day will have a TIA Purpose Planner mailed to them.


(You can only win once during the giveaway, but if you didn't win the previously, you can enter to win each day.  I will notify you if you won and have you email your name and mailing address to me at [email protected].)




In addition to our Black Friday Giveaway, I do want to offer a special Black Friday 21-34% discount on the IMPLEMENTATION Monthly Mastermind.


The IMPLEMENTATION Monthly Mastermind is our group coaching program to help financial advisors build profitable, purpose-driven practices.   We meet via zoom where I teach something new each month and we spend about half of call answering questions and collaborating as a group.


You also get instant access to the IMM Archives where there are over a dozen recorded trainings on topics ranging from client acquisition, practice management, and business-owner mindset.


The IMPLEMENTATION Monthly Mastermind is normally $100 per month.  Click HERE to get 21% off every month for the next year.


If you want to save even more, click HERE to take advantage of the annual payment option and save over 34% compared to the full monthly price.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to make 2021 the best year possible!  Get the tools, community and support you need  to get off to a great start!


I want to express my deep gratitude for the entire TIA Community!  Your support keeps me going, keeps me creating and challenges me to be a better advisor and business person!


With Gratitude,



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