Last week I had the opportunity to do a virtual presentation for the Nor-Cal WIFS group.  Shout out to one of the newest and most dynamic WIFS groups in the country! 


Before the call, I let them pick the topic and they chose building a PROCESS-DRIVEN PRACTICE.  I have to admit that, though important, this isn't the sexiest topic I talk about.  But meaning and impact are not necessarily found in the sizzle, but in the extent to which you NEED what is being shared. 


As we wrapped up the call, Chapter President Jennifer Jost did something that I LOVED.  She went around and asked everyone to share a takeaway from the presentation.  This is so simple, but I feel like it really drove home what each person heard and was planning to take action on. 


In the virtual environment that we find ourselves in, I think it is far too easy to close out Zoom and go do the dishes without taking the time to digest the content we just learned.  As a speaker, it was a gift to hear which ideas felt new and important the group. FYI, I am so stealing this for our upcoming IMPLEMENTATION Monthly Mastermind call! 


The number one takeaway was the concept of becoming the trigger of the process.  Let me explain… 


Most advisors are micro-managers.  They are scared of balls getting dropped, so they hold on too tight and balls get dropped because they didn't let go.   If you are going to build a process-driven practice, you have to identify what will trigger the process and then who will actually do the work.   


In my practice, I am the trigger. Or more accurately, I am often the one to identify the triggering event and then hand-off the follow-through to a team member.  This is a novel idea for many advisors because they identify the trigger and then they pile the work on themselves.  And then…they proceed to get bogged down with other work and fail to get it all done.   


My job, as a financial advisor, is primarily to meet with clients, identify what we need to do, delegate the work to the team and then to create processes to hold them accountable to follow-though.  If you don't delegate effectively, you are a one man (woman) show and there is nothing scalable about your practice.   


You don't have a business, you have a hustle!  And it is going to grind you down! 


I get it!  It's scary to delegate!  What if your team doesn't do what you ask them to do!?  If they don't do their job, ultimately, they don't keep their job.  This is where you have to become a leader in your business. 


I was talking to an advisor recently about a staff-member who messed up a process.  It's happened a couple of times and when it does, he asks her what the process is and beats her up about it.  


I asked him… 

-Have you helped her develop and document the processes? 

-When do you train and update processes? 

-Are all of your processes "reactive"?  (created in response to a problem) 


His answers were predictable.  He has never helped her develop and document anything, he has just told her to do it.  He never proactively trains or reviews processes.  And processes are really just a stick he uses to beat her up when she has made a mistake.  


If you want to build a process-driven practice, you have to be willing to become a leader.   


A leader commits to building processes.  A leader actually follows their own processes.  A leader triggers the processes and delegates the work.  And a leader holds their team accountable to following the processes. 


My friend, freedom is the pot of gold at the end of the process rainbow! 


When you run a truly process-driven practice, your team can operate in your absence.  They get things done without your input.  They seem to read your mind, because they know where you are going. 


If you want… 

-a stress-free vacation 

-to grow your team 

-to sell your practice someday 

Build a process-driven practice! 


With Purpose, 



If you want to learn to be the trigger and build a process-driven practice, I will give you full access to this training for free!  


As part of the IMPLEMENTATION Monthly Mastermind, we maintain the IMM Archives with recordings of all of the trainings along with any worksheets or collateral you need to implement.  


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