service vision Jul 22, 2019


-Are you dreaming someone else’s dream? 

-Are you dreaming a dream that already was? 

-Or are you dreaming your own, unique dream? 


When I start working with an advisor or a group of advisors, I always start with asking them to imagine their Dream Practice. 


Almost to a person, their Dream Practice is just an iteration on what they have or what they have been told they should want.  


Very seldom does an advisor dream big, dream originally, dream audaciously.  


Let me ask you the question…what does your Dream Practice look like? 


-Who do you serve? 

-What do you do for them? 

-What does your life look like? 


I challenge you to pause and write down your answers.  


Did you say something like… 

I work with pre-retirees with $250k+ in investable assets. 

I manage their assets, sell them insurance and do planning. 

I make $500k of income and take 2 weeks of vacation a year. 


That is someone else’s dream.  That is the dream you have been told to have.  That is the dream that already was. 


I am not going to delineate what your dream should look like for obvious reasons, but I challenge you to reach deep inside and ask yourself what life you want to live.  Ask yourself who you want to serve such that you feel your work is of significance in the world.  


The world is not eagerly awaiting another advisor playing out the old script.   The world is begging for something new, something fresh, something meaningful.  


What does your Dream Practice look like!? 


With Purpose,




If you are looking for a place to connect with advisors who are dreaming and living an original dream, I hope you will join us in the advisor-only  TIA Mastermind Group! 


To become more and open ourselves up to the possibility of more, we have to surround ourselves with those who are doing more!  



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