goals habits mindset Nov 19, 2018


“Winning is a habit.”  

-George Leonard 


Winning is a habit and so is losing. I think this is true. Haven’t we all known people who just seem to always win at life? And a few that always seem to lose? 


How can we use this truth for our benefit? 


Anytime I want to build a new habit, I always start small. I “sneak up on myself.” 


What if we looked at every positive as a win, not just the big noteworthy things? 


Could we build the habit of winning in our life? 


How many WINS could we rack up in a day?

1. Got up on time! Woot!
2. Wrote a blog…#winning! 
3. Served 2 clients today! 
4. Got a referral…oh yeah! 
5. Got under 10 emails in my inbox, OMG! 
6. Was present for my family! 
7. Folded all that laundry, can’t keep me down! 
8. Savored my Pinot Noir…because that is the definition of winning! 
9. Read something meaningful before bed, always learning! 
10. Got in bed without a screen in front of me, my day is complete! 


How would your perspective on your life change if you reveled in all of the small wins? Do you think you would build the habit of winning? Do you think that the expectation of the win would lead to bigger wins? 


I do! 


If we making winning our default and our expectation, we open the door for bigger and better wins to come our way. 


Celebrating wins, big and small, should be part of your daily reflections, as it is part of mine! 


With Purpose,





P.S. Our latest version of the TIA Purpose Planner (formerly known as the TIA Business Journal) is on it’s way. I embedded a daily WINS section into the planner. Keep an eye out on the blog and the Facebook group for a free download and training coming soon! 









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