client attraction purpose Oct 21, 2019


I took a vacation, a REAL vacation, to the South of France.  Every year I travel with two other women and this was our ninth trip together.  


As we were wandering the streets of old Antibes we happened upon a tiny artist’s lair.  We were drawn to the charcoal and ink portraits she had leaned up against the building on the curb.  


As we were rifling through them and picking out our favorites to buy, I had an epiphany.  I don’t want to just buy a piece of random art, I want to memorialize my trip with a piece of custom art! 


Me being me, I asked! 


I told her that we loved her drawings and her perspective.  I asked if she would be willing to draw us, each individually.  


She stopped.  Mouth agape and said she had never done that before. 


With a little encouragement, I turned a “it’s never been done” to a “let’s give it a shot.” 


We arranged a day and time and promised to swing by to confirm all of the details.  Over the next couple of days, I couldn’t stop thinking about the business case for selling the experience.  


She was selling her sketches for about $20 each. 


When I was done with her business model, she could sell the custom portrait experience for over 10X what she sold a single portrait for.  


When Saturday came, we had the most magical experience!  The three of us showed up with a bottle of Rose’ in hand and an unforgettable evening unfolded.  


We sat on the sidewalk with a light breeze blowing off the Mediterranean drinking wine and eating homemade French food with all of our host’s artist friends.   


We laughed, we connected, we EXPERIENCED what it is to be part of the Antibes community. 


We happily paid over $250 for the experience and feel like WE got a deal! 


So, what does a fledgling artist in the South of France have to do with your business!? 




The news has been filled with the race to the bottom with $0 trading fees.  If you are still hanging the majority of your value on trading securities for your clients, you are just selling $20 drawings on a street corner. 


When you build a high-value, client-centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE for your practice, you maintain and amplify your value as the rest of the industry struggles. 


We have been talking about building a practice to prepare for the future.  The future is NOW! 


The client experience is now your primary deliverable.  Are you prepared? 


With Purpose,




PS If you don’t feel prepared and feel like you could use a little guidance with your client experience, consider taking the free TIA Practice Assessment. 


During this assessment I will guide you through all of the components of a high-value, client-centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE.  You will have the opportunity assess your practice and will walk away ready to take action! 









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