There are three types of advisors when it comes to the conversation about building a purpose-driven practice. 


-Those that get it. 

-Those who don’t care. 

-And those who get it, but don’t know what to do. 


Those who get it tend to already have something that they are passionate about and feel like they finally have permission to integrate their passion into their business.  Often, they are the younger advisors but not always.  


Those who don’t care are never going to care.  They just want to run their business, define success through traditional business metrics and this whole conversation annoys them.  


Those who get it, but don’t know what to do are the ones I want to talk to today.  They know that building a purpose-driven practice is good for business.  They know that the modern consumer is very attracted by the impact of their spending.   


They want to get in the game, but they just don’t know how.  


I have a simple strategy that will allow you to leverage the power of purpose without pretending to be someone you aren’t. 


It is called AMPLIFY IMPACT. 


It is the simplest and easiest ways to build a truly client-centric purpose-driven practice. 


When I went independent in 2012, I knew that I wanted to leverage my practice to make a positive impact in the world.  But frankly, I was busy trying to keep my head above water in my business.  I didn’t have a specific cause to champion.   


I simply started by finding out what my clients were passionate about and looking for ways to amplify their impact.   


I had a client who was passionate about working with inner-city kids via Optimists International.  I spoke at their meeting, bought their peaches during their annual fundraiser and created a client event out of their wine tasting event. 


My client was already donating money and time to a meaningful cause, I just looked for ways to support her and amplify her impact.   


Another client started a non-profit doing water projects the Nuba people in Sudan (think Lost Boys of Sudan).  I didn’t know anything about water projects or Africa, but I had a client who had dedicated her life to helping the Nuba people and I looked for ways to help.  


We volunteered for the Walk for Sudan.  I ended up on the board for the Nuba Water Project for several years.  Now we work as an office to run a significant portion of the walk, match donations and recruit other volunteers.   


I could go on and on. 


When I found someone doing great work with an organization that they truly believed in I tried to find ways to bring more… 




to support their efforts. 


I didn’t try to amplify client impact in order to get new clients.  I did it because I think we all have an obligation to use our platform as business owners to improve the world.  It has proven to be both good for the soul and very good for business.  


If you are like I was and don’t know exactly what purpose to infuse into your business, consider just amplifying the impact of others in your community.  


It will build loyalty, showcase your leadership skills and position your company as a positive force in the world.  


I challenge you to commit to bringing more purpose to your business.  It’s great if you know exactly what that is, but if you don’t, commit to a concerted effort to amplifying the positive impact of your clients and members of your community! 


With Purpose,




Reading a blog like this can get you inspired, but nothing happens until you take action.   If you want to take your very first step toward building a purpose-driven practice, hop on over to the TIA Mastermind Group on Facebook and tell us about your commitment!   



Not on Facebook?  Email me and tell me about your commitment to your purpose.  I would love to hear from you at [email protected]. 




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