I was talking with an advisor in our community and she was telling me about an exciting opportunity she has to write for a nationwide newsletter for PGA Pros. 


She asked me if I knew of a good course for white-label content. 


White-label content (content that you get from newsletter factories) is just one step above worthless. 


Yes it does keep you in front of the client, but the content does little to nothing to reinforce who you are and how you serve those in your community. 


I think we need to step back and ask, what is the point in writing for a newspaper, newsletter or online journal? 


If we were employees, having our name on a certain number of articles per year might be something we could use in our reviews to “prove” our worth. Maybe…. 


But we are all self-employed. The only point of content creation is to help you get and keep your clients. 


If you are going to attract a newsletter reader, you need to provide both valuable content and a unique voice. 


You need to have a perspective. 

You need to stand for something. 


I understand that becoming a content creator can sound daunting. Here are four tips from my experience going from white-label to custom content. 



Be really clear on who you are writing for? —>PGA Pros 

What makes you qualified to speak to them? —> You know them, your husband is one of them, you are an avid golfer, you worked at a golf course. 

What are some of their pain points? —> (I’m making this part up because I am not the advisor…) Managing cashflow, not getting caught up in keeping up with the jones, creating a career path, getting clients, building a brand…. 



Once you know who you are talking to, why they should listen to you and what their challenges are, you can start brainstorming content ideas. 

Every time I have a conversation with I an advisor or read an article that triggers a reaction in me, I jot it down on my running list of ideas. 



Then I just set aside time to write. I pull up my list and write about the thing that interests me most in the moment. 



If you aren’t a “writer,” hire someone to proof your work. You create the content and someone else polishes it for publication. This isn’t very expensive and can create a great accountability to actually create the content in the first place! 


It does not have to be more complicated than that. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t John Steinbeck. People want to hear from YOU, they want to hear YOUR VOICE and learn from YOUR EXPERIENCE. 


Creating content will make you better at creating content! But you have to get started to get better. 


With Purpose,




I am not a content creating pro, but I am consistently doing the work. If you want to connect and see what I am creating on a regular basis, joining The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group on Facebook is the way to go! 

I create content many times a week, then my social media guru takes the best of what I write and polishes it up for the blog, newsletter and other social media outlets. See, it doesn’t have to be hard! 



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