October 5, 2019



An advisor popped into The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group on Facebook this week for the first time and dropped what I can only call a Purpose-driven Manifesto about what she is called to create in her practice.


I was very inspired by it and have watched other Intentional Advisors raise their hand and say YES!

-Yes, you are onto something! 

-Yes, I want to do that too! 

-Yes, let’s talk!


A well drafted manifesto is a call to arms. It encapsulates everything you want to do and the deeper reasons why. It challenges you to follow through and it gives others something to rally behind.


I have personally written many iterations of my Purpose-Driven Manifesto in my journal. Today, I am going to share with you a process you can follow to get yours down on paper in six simple steps.


WHY? As Simon Sinek says, "We have to start with WHY." What do you believe? What do you value?  What do you stand for? What do you stand against? Why are you an advisor and how will you use your practice to fully express all of those things?


WHO? Who needs you and who has life prepared you to serve? Who are you both passionate about serving and uniquely equipped to serve?  


WHAT? What do they need? What do they struggle with? In business and marketing we need to have a very clear vision of our client’s pain points.


HOW? How can you help? What will you do for them and how has life equipped you to be the solution to their problems? How will you become the answer to those challenges that you identified?


WHERE? Where you will find them? If they can’t find you, you can’t serve them. Where will you show up in real life and on the inter-webs to plant your flag as the solution to their challenges!?


WHEN? If not now, when? If you have built your business up enough to pay your bills, then NOW is the time!  Not after you have been in the business 5 or 10 more years. Now is when they need you!


At this point, I think you can see that writing a manifest is pretty simple.  Not easy, but simple.  The key is to getting to the truth. You have to be willing to say out loud to yourself and the world what you stand for and who you serve.


Before I share my Purpose-driven Manifesto, I want to challenge you to write your own! Once you write it, you have to share it. You can send it to friends, colleagues, even current clients. 


I would love for your to post it in The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group on Facebook. The TIA Mastermind serves as a private, advisor-only, space where we can share ideas and inspiration with other Intentional Advisors.   


It doesn’t count until you share it!






WHY? I believe that financial advisors have the ability to change lives, but I also believe that our industry has earned every bit of our reputation for sleazy salesmanship.  

-I am against: manipulative sales scripts, “disturbs” and overcoming objections. 

-I am for: advocacy, transparency and advice-based planning. 

My deeper purpose in life is to help others feel a confident sense of self-determination to create the life and business they dream of.


WHO? I am here to serve the next generation of financial advisors who are looking for a new way to do business. The next generation is not defined age, but by the desire to change lives and bring more meaning and purpose to their work. I serve those who are unsatisfied by the old way of doing business and open to the new advice-based paradigm that serves the client and allows them to build a profitable, purpose-driven business.


WHAT? Aspiring Intentional Advisors are struggling against the industry status-quo. The strategies that worked for the previous generation of advisors don’t feel right or align with their values. They became an advisor to help people and quickly realized that this is a sales job filled with quotas, sales scripts and conflicted advice. They have often asked themselves if they should leave their company or even the industry because it isn’t what they signed-up for.  They know that they can change lives with their work, but they don’t know how to stay in business while following their conscience.


HOW? I am my own Ideal Client. I struggled to find my way in an industry that treats the client as a commodity to be used and discarded. I developed a way of doing business that has allowed me to truly serve the client while still running a profitable business. I use my personal experience to develop training programs that will help advisors build their practices with purpose and on purpose.


I help financial advisors DESIGN Advice-based Practices that will ATTRACT The right clients and I help them IMPLEMENT those processes to build profitable, purpose-driven businesses.


I offer my programs price points to allow advisors of all experience levels become Intentional Advisors. I do this through low-cost online courses, mid-priced group coaching and premium individual coaching.


WHERE? I try to meet advisors where they are.  In the real world, I speak at industry conferences offering main stage, breakout and workshop trainings. Online, I offer a myriad of resources that advisors can take advantage of for free.  I write a weekly blog and share it via email and social media with the community. Several times a year I offer free trainings online via my TIA Academy and challenges. And finally, I created a free community so that like-minded advisors from through the country can connect and collaborate privately online. 


WHEN? Now, now, now! In 2016 I finally gave in and allowed a group of fellow advisors to hire me to help them build their own process-driven, Advice-based practices like the one I had built for myself.  From there The Intentional Advisor was born. I have traded in the cushy life of a financial advisor with a very efficient and profitable practice for a frenetic life running both a practice and consulting firm.  I have given up significant income potential by making the choice to split my time, but the truth is that this is my passion!


I am here on earth to help others realize their capacity for self-determination. Through my work as The Intentional Advisor, I am able to help both advisors and clients throughout the country realize their own potential to create the businesses and lives that they dream of. 


And that, my friends, is my PURPOSE-DRIVEN MANIFESTO.



PS: I challenge you to write your own PURPOSE-DRIVEN MANIFESTO and to share it with the TIA Mastermind!


Here is the link if you are not yet a member! 👇









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