February 7, 2019




When I ask advisors about PURPOSE I often hear something like this…



“In my personal life I am passionate about (x), but in my practice I keep it more focused on business.”



My heart drops when I hear this!


Advisors think it’s unprofessional to talk about hobbies, passions or causes at work.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  


People want to buy things from people they know and like. The more they feel like they know you, the more they will trust your recommendations. 


It is LITERALLY good for business to talk about things other than business!


Let me give you a real life example from my practice and consulting businesses.  


I suffer from a chronic back injury.  Lately, I have gotten very passionate about Pilates.  It has done wonders for my back and, despite the high cost, it’s worth every penny!


When I am passionate about something, you hear about it!


  • I have written multiple blogs about it. 

  • I have invited clients, co-workers and Key Partners to join me in class.

  • I just hosted my first of 2 events: one for networking partners & one for clients. 


I care about the people in my community.  I care about their physical health.  I care about their stress-levels.  I care about their sense of connection. 


Bringing Pilates into the business realm allows my clients to get to know me better.   It also lets them see that I will passionately recommend things that I don’t get compensated for with just as much energy as those things I do get compensated for.


It literally helps people trust me and my advice more. 


So, I ask you…


  • Are you sharing the things you love with your clients and business partners?

  • Are you bringing your passions to work with you?

  • Or are you keeping your real self disconnected from your work with your clients?


With Purpose,



PS I would love to hear about your passions!  Join us in The Intentional Advisor Mastermind Group on Facebook and we can brainstorm how to incorporate your passions into your work!





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