December 21, 2018






I had a great call with a true Intentional Advisor the other day. He was an Intentional Advisor before he ever heard the term.


This advisor is passionate about serving his target market. He is doing high-quality planning. He has a philanthropic component to his business. He is pretty much a fabulous fellow all around!


During our conversation, we were talking about his challenges - the kinds of challenges that could cause him to upend his practice and change broker-dealers.


Chief among them was his desire for structure in the planning process.


He is getting hired for planning. He is doing great planning. But three or four meetings into the process he feels he loses clarity as to where to go next.


He is re-inventing the process and agendas for each client . It isn’t efficient or particularly effective.


He also wants to grow his practice from a solo shop to a partnership with another planning focused advisor.


Because he is not getting the structure he needs at his current B/D, he is out there looking for it.



Like so many things in life, when we go looking for what we need outside of ourselves, we are often sorely disappointed.



If our Intentional Advisor finds a new home with more structure, he would likely feel stifled by his lack of control and independence.


We all need to stop looking for what we need outside of ourselves and BUILD what we need for ourselves!


Whose business is it anyway!?


If you are currently affiliated with an Independent Broker-Dealer, you can kind of do business however you want. This can be unsatisfying, but it is actually what FREEDOM looks like!


You are free to build the business, build the structure, build the brand. And when you do, you OWN IT!


If you want to recruit advisors to your practice, you need to have something for them to affiliate with. What are you offering? Aside from your fabulous self?


When you create a brand with values, processes and structure, you have something that adds value to another advisor.


If you wait for your B/D, or anyone else, to provide you with structure and clarity, it is their business, not yours. You are a cog in their machine.


When you step up, stand for something, create something and go to market with it, you are building a true business that has value in the marketplace that will be attractive to other advisors.


Think about it: Do you REALLY want your B/D to tell you how to do business or would you prefer to do the work to carve out your own brand!? You tell me!



With Purpose,





Friends, if you are craving this structure, but don’t know where to start to build it for yourself, go check out the Delivering on the Promise Online Course.


I created it to help advisors at any stage in their career build high-value client service models and a business to support them. This doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to start from a blank slate. Let me help!





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