December 21, 2018





As I write this, we approach the darkest day of the year. The sun is lazily beginning to light the sky and I know it will have retired far before I do tonight!


Since before written history, the solstices have been symbolic for human beings. It is no coincidence that many religions have major holidays aligned with the winter solstice; the theme being bringing light into the darkness.


On this winter solstice, I have a question for you: Who brings light into your darkness?


Being an independent Financial Advisor is not an easy job. It isn’t even a job, it is a entrepreneurial calling that is fraught with all the challenges that business owners face.


I think we get caught in the details, in the technicalities of the business, and forget about the mind-set.



  • There were days that I laugh about now, when I was certain “no one is going to buy from me ever again!”

  • There were times when I didn’t think I deserved a new client, I wasn’t good enough. 

  • There were moments when I wondered if I should go get a job so that I could pay my assistant.



For the most part, those lean days are behind me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t face mind-set challenges today.



  • Sometimes I the question, "Why I bother with all the blogging??? No one cares!" 

  • I ask myself if I am crazy to be rolling out a new concept or course. 

  • It’s just a drop in the bucket; will it ever even make a ripple in our industry?



I don’t know your struggles, but if you are challenging yourself as an entrepreneur and thought leader, I guarantee you have them!


So, once again…who brings light into your darkness?


I am blessed to be surrounded by a tribe of believers, people who believe in me and the change I am trying to make in my little corner of the world. But not all of them have that magical gift of bringing light into my darkness.


There is one person in particular that I can call. I don’t even have to tell her I am down or that I am questioning myself. Sometimes I don’t even know myself. But when I get off the phone with her, I realize I have been uplifted. I have been enlightened and reminded by our conversation.


After just a few minutes, I can hang up and feel like the darkness has lifted and I can see my way again!


Who is this for you?


I challenge you to identify who brings light into your darkness. Let them know how much their influence means to you. And be more deliberate about reaching out when you feel lost.


Our industry is on the short list of high-suicide careers. Your challenges may be nothing compared to someone suffering from true depression, but ignoring the mental and emotional challenges of our business is dangerous for us all!


Seek out people who bring light into your darkness and seek to be that person for others in your circle of friends.


We all need support and the more audaciously we are pushing the envelope in our businesses, the more we need to be conscious of those we surround ourselves with.



With Purpose,




PS - If managing your business-owner mindset is a challenge for you, I have something I would like to share! I created the TIA Purpose Planner to manage my own mind-set and I have created a FREE PDF download and video training for you.

If you want to live each day with a little more focus and a lot more intention, sign-up to get instant access to my free training.




And don’t forget, if you ever need someone to be the light in your darkness, we are here! I created The Intentional Advisor Mastermind so that we would all have a community of like-minded advisors to share our wins and our struggles with! Come join us!




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