July 30, 2018



Do you remember the once ubiquitous "drive-time" learning audio-books? I don’t feel like like that is so much of a thing any more. 

It might be that my commute has been whittled to 6 minutes or maybe it is the fact that we all have streaming music in our pockets now. 



Making the most of my time

I never really had much of a commute, but I have always loved audio learning. I remember when I got my first iPhone, I committed to myself that it wouldn't be a tool for mindless scrolling, but for continuous learning. 

I must confess that I did not fully succeed not the first point, but I have kept my commitment to use my phone as a tool for continuous learning. I actually think that I underestimate the how much I have learned by consistently listening to inspirational and educational programs on my phone. 

I tend to listen when I'm…

-doing something mundane and mindless like folding laundry 
-feeling stressed and need a mental escape

When other people would sit down and watch TV, I put my Bluetooth earbuds in and get stuff done. I love it because it keeps me moving, I am more active and productive around the house and I am always learning something new. 

If you want to a little more in tune with the potential of your phone as a learning tool, might I recommend:

1. Get the app from your local library that will allow you to download thousands of titles for FREE!

2. Subscribe to a few compelling podcasts on topics that interest you.

3. Keep an eye out for online courses that fill a need for you.

It might seem a little gratuitous that I am recommending that you sign up for online courses when I just HAPPEN to produce online courses for financial advisors. That was not my intent for writing this blog! 

The reality is that the reason I now create online courses is that I am an avid consumer of online-courses. I LOVE binge listening to learn new things or even reinforce things I already know. I learned how to create online courses from…you guessed it…online courses!

Whether or not you have a commute, I hope that you consider the power of your phone as a learning tool! In our modern society, the media is programming our minds. Developing an audio-learning habit is your opportunity to take control of your own programming.

PS - If you happen to be looking for an online course to leverage your phone as an educational tool, might I recommend the Delivering on the Promise Online Course! 

All the details can be found here: 




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