July 6, 2018


Everyone says you have to segment your book and build out client service models. You are a good little advisor and you did exactly what you were "supposed" to do…but it's not working!


Clients aren't participating in the newly assigned client service model the way they are supposed to. You gave the clients with the highest revenue the best service model and they aren't playing along.


  • They won't come to meetings!

  • They aren't interested in planning!

  • They just won't behave properly!


Let me ask you this, did you give them the opportunity to opt-in to your new, more robust client service model or did you just plop them in the bucket you felt they belonged in?


This is the problem with revenue based client segmentation.



Client pays me a lot = Client gets lots of service



It just doesn't work that way. Not every client with a lot of assets under management wants or needs comprehensive planning. And there might be plenty of clients who want and need planning, but don’t have a lot of assets under management with you.


Revenue based client segmentation is broken.


The only sensical way to do client segmentation is based on what service they want and what service you have committed to deliver to them. There has to be a minimum revenue threshold for each service model, but revenue should not drive the segmentation.


If you let service requirement drive segmentation, then everything gets easier really quickly.


The clients know what to expect.

The advisor knows what to deliver.


Staff knows how to manage each relationship.

You might have a client who has $750k AUM but only wants one meeting a year. 

You might have a client who has $100k AUM but wants full planning. 


Your might have a H.E.N.R.Y. who has lots of income, a pile of debt and is willing to pay for help.



With true client service models based on what you will be delivering to each client throughout the year, you can put each client in the appropriate bucket and make up any revenue short-falls with planning fees.



Simple. Done.


However you are going to do client segmentation, you have to make sure that you have a conversation with the client and ensure that they are choosing to opt-in to whatever service model you are delivering.


Anything short of that will lead to client discontentment and chaos. So please, don't assume the opt-in!






If you have been fixin' to build our client service models in your practice, but have never quite nailed it down, you should really consider joining me for the Delivering on the Promise Online Course starting July 9th.


In this course, I share with you all of the behind the scenes work I have done in my practice to build out client service models and segment my book. We will then go through a process to help you build your own high-value client service models to streamline your practice.


If this sounds like the solution to a problem in your practice, I hope you join me for Delivering on the Promise!

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