May 29, 2018


I am finally reading Blue Ocean Strategy and I had a stroke of genius hit me! But this idea isn't for me and my practice. This idea is for someone else to grab and implement.


In my practice, I have a secret mission to help prevent divorces among my clients.

I have designed The Discovery EXPERIENCE to get couples talking about their fears and to vocalize shared values. I act as an advocate for the less engaged spouse to make sure his/her values are represented in the plan. I make my clients talk opening about what is working in their decision making process and what is not.


We spend a lot more time focused on our niche of working with women in transition, we really don't spend any marketing energy on the couples. That part of the business just grows organically.



Someone positioned themselves as a financial advisor focused exclusively, or primarily, on helping couples have more peaceful and successful marriages!?


I mean are you KIDDING ME!? That would be a brilliant marketing strategy AND it would be easy to build a client service model to deliver on the promise!


What would the value proposition look like? Something like:

"We help couples build stronger relationships through the financial planning process."


What would the marketing strategy look like?


Something like:

-Regular couples-oriented date night events to get couples dressed up, out on the town and enjoying each other's company.

-Relationship related speakers on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.


What would the Client Service Model look like?


It could include some things like:

-Setting up a robust Financial Life Organizer so the less financially savvy spouse can get a better understanding of the family finances.

-Asking your clients to have financial date night once a month to talk through budgeting over a bottle of wine.

-Annually reviewing the couples' fears and values to remind them of the most important things.

-Developing a stable of Key Partners who you might refer clients to in order to explore relationship challenges.




There might be an advisor out there somewhere who is focusing on this niche, but this is not a common one. I have never heard an advisor state out loud that he/she works with couples in this way.



Do you think that this kind of practice would be subject to fee compression? Do you think that clients who value this kind of relationship with an advisor would be vulnerable to the robo craze?


This is the kind of practice that has the potential to change the world, one couple at a time! Talk about "with PURPOSE!"


This idea is ripe for someone! Hopefully there is an Intentional Advisor who can take this idea and run with it!







Delivering on the Promise will give you everything you need to over-deliver to your clients and have a positive impact on their lives through the advice you give them.  It will also teach you how to look at your practice like a business and build client service models that will allow you to be efficient and profitable. 


You can both serve your clients and add to your own bottom-line with one efficient process!







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